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The Jobs Done by LED High Bay Listed Company

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2016-7-1 9:45:10    

Although the world economy is going down as a whole, the sales volume inled high bay company was still climbing under such effect. The achievements of operation work in the whole year are as follows:

1. Steady growth of led high bay sales volume. Major reasons: the company has accumulated customers through innovation on business model, therefore the market share of the company in LED Lighting area is gradually increasing. In 2015, the company worked well in developing domestic market. Meanwhile, the growing demand for LED lamp s in downstream market has supported the development.

2. Smooth progress research and development.

3. Getting listed. Getting official listed in the NEEQ has significant meanings in standard operation, improvement on management level and increase of corporate value.

In 2016, the company will continue to explore the need in the industry and from customers. New LED Lights products will be developed such as LED street light ; at the same time, the company will maintain the leading role in technology and further increase its market share to create more value for customers. 

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