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Are the High Performances of Some LED Area Light Companies True?

LED Area Light    
2016-7-26 15:35:53    

Recently a company released an announcement that shocked the LED industry. The announcement said the company had acquired a super large order of 8.7 billion yuan with 3 years period. However the announcement is ambiguous without mentioning the specific LED Lights products and the client of the order remains mysterious.

As a new listed company, the company has increased its gross profit rate from 3% in 2014 to 32% in 2015. It has completely beaten the A-share enterprises such as Lehman, Forest and Sunlight. Such a huge order with gross profit rate so high is just inconceivable.

Some LED Lighting enterprises are not running well and they didn’t earn much by selling led area light products. However they made a fortune by selling the company in the price several times higher than its value. Those enterprises are lucky enough to have caught the wave of merge and acquisition and are sold at a fairly good price; otherwise it’s hard to tell if they can survive later.

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