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The Benefits of LED Flood Lighting

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2017-4-9 19:42:27    

As a new generation of light source, LED Flood Lighting beams out at a very broad angle. So far, LED Flood Lightings are applied in many areas such as warehouses, perimeters of houses, theaters, playgrounds and stadiums. Theses fixtures have many benefits in order to offer much more user experience. , especially when compared to incandescent, CFL or halogen lights.

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1. Energy Efficiency

LED Flood Lighting can help you eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacements. This contributes to the reduction of hazardous waste. In contrast of conventional fixtures, it consumes very little electricity. A data displays that users can save as much as 80% on electricity costs by using an LED light. All in all, it is a highly energy efficiency alternative.

2. Less heat emission

The major problem with standard light bulbs is that a vast amount of the supplied energy is converted into heat. What’s worse, this part of heat is wasted in vain because it dissipates in the surrounding air. However, LED Flood Lightings don’t emanate heat and conserve the maximum amount of electricity. When touching an LED light which keeps working in several hours, you nearly feel any temperature. Therefore, these fixtures are suitable for warehouses lighting.  

3. Long life time

One of the most benefits of LED light is very long lasting. In an average, it lasts for up to 10 times longer than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lights. Once you install LED Flood lighting, it’s unnecessary for you to worry about replacement for a very long period of time. Even near the end of lifespan, they also don’t die abruptly. Instead, they dim gradually to give you ample warning that it’s time to replace the fixture.

Apart from the benefits above, LED Flood Lighting has many other advantages, including high on safety, unaffected by weather and temperature changes, free of mercury, lead and carbon pollution. As for maintenance and replacement cost, it’s no need to worry about. Not mention to low cost, all manufacturers promise at least 5 years warranty after the fixtures is delivered.  

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