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Some Problems during LED Lighting Fixtures dimming

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2017-5-11 11:53:15    

At the beginning, when LED Lighting Fixtures started to make their way to the lighting market, early adopters experienced a great deal of frustration when they tried to get them to dim. In most cases, the LED technology just wasn't skillful enough, which makes problems about dimming persist for years.

LED Flood Lighting.jpgWhat are the problems during LED Lighting Fixtures dimming at earth? Obviously, LED flickering, strobing and early burnout are included. So, in a setting like a stadium, where lighting and ambiance are often very important, many users were understandably reluctant to switch to LED Flood Lighting, opting instead to stick with conventional and less-efficient fixtures to at least guarantee the whole matches without any influence from outside.

Why it always occurs to such things during dimming? Ultimately, there are several reasons as following:

· Don't choose the suitable dimming methods;

· Don't match appropriate and high quality dimming system;

· Don't install fixtures on the basis of the specification of dimming system;

· Don't pick up premium LED driver.

Even though the dimming of LED makes manufacturers feel trouble, all these problems have been solved after years of research and development. At present, there's no any problem of LED Lighting Fixtures during dimming. Therefore, customers could purchase and use it at ease. 

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