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LED Garage Light for Your Garage

LED Garage Light, garage light bulb    
2017-5-19 13:53:05    

Garage is just a place to park your car? If so, you must be out! Garage is a perfect shrine for your entertainment. You could play the piano and drawing, or even take exercise with your favorite sports team. It is good place for a sanctuary away from the everyday troubles of life. Certainly, if your garage is lack of LED Garage Light, all of the dreams are in vain.  

LED Garage Light.jpgRecently, E-Lite Semiconductor Inc. has released Nastro Series LED Garage Light mainly for personal garage. The new garage light bulb has nearly gathered all the features of LED together, including energy efficiency, long life rated, low carbon and environmental protection without any pollution, etc. with Osram and Philips Luminleds chips, the system light efficacy (IES) has been as high as 130 lm/W. There are 8 types of beam angles in total, which is very suitable for user experience. In addition, the LED Garage Light has been designed with a microwave sensor and dimmer option. Even though it is a new kind of fixture, it has got the certification of ETL, DLC, CE, RoHS, CB and WEEE. As for the mounting options, it contains surface mount, chain mount and pendant mount (1/2”, 3/4” optional).

Garage is a place that you are no need to spend too much time in arranging. Only LED Garage Light and relatively fitness equipment that you are interested in are enough. So, what are you waiting for? 

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