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Warehouse Industrial 150W LED High Bay in E-Lite

Warehouse Industrial 150W LED High Bay,    
2017-6-1 11:33:04    

Branded new and marked top quality bulb, 150W led high bay in E-Lite is suitable for warehouse industrial applications. It is designed to fit and hang on the high ceilings. Apart from warehouse, LED high bay light is ideal for distribution center, logistic center, aisle and retail stores lighting. This kind of high bay is manufactured based on the highest possible standards, aiming to maximally save energy and reduce lighting bills.

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There are many features that separate LED high bay light from traditional fixture. They have had a reputation for excellence achieved through years of research and innovation that has enabled them to outperform all competing fixtures with ease. 150W LED high bay light is specialized in the lighting application with taller ceilings or larger areas. It is always used to create powerful illumination at a long range.

Up to now, there are two mounting options for warehouse industrial 150W LED high bay light, chain mount and surface mount. In this way, users could choose one of the installation method in accordance with own application. Meanwhile, there are also two sensor options, microware sensor and infrared sensor. Of course, both of them are dimmer option. All in all, choosing LED technology will bring you a better experience that you will never regret in your life.

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