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Anti-glare Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lighting

Outdoor LED Flood Lighting, LED Flood Light    
2017-6-5 11:59:33    

LED Flood Lighting, also named as LED projector light or sport light, is controlled by built-in microchip during working. Due to the feature of anti-glare and super bright, LED Flood Lighting is always applied to outdoor lighting application, such as factory, stadium, railway station, harbor, billboard, building, and so on.   

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In optical parameter, other than anti-glare, LED Flood Lighting is famous for strong directionality and high uniformity, too. Generally speaking, outdoor LED Flood Lighting has two types, controller and non-controller. In some small scale occasion, the fixture could be used with non-controller. In this condition, it is able to realize many dynamic effects, like gradual change, saltus step, color flicker, random flicker, alternating gradient, etc. With the help of DMX controller, it could come true the effect of chase and scan.

The appearance of outdoor LED Flood Lighting is unique and the design is ingenious. It is skillfully combined modern architecture and fixture. As a result, it has not only high ornamental value, but also energy efficacy and environmental protection without any pollution. Even though a low power fixture, it also possesses super bright. For instance, a 100W Apollo series LED Flood Light, the Lumen output is as high as 16,000 lm and the light system efficacy is 160 lm/W. If installed several fixtures together, the lighting effect is much better than imagination. 

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