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The export trend of LED bulbs in 2017

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2017-6-7 13:52:58    

With the increasingly saturated of lighting market, more and more manufacturers are forced to retreat from lighting industry. Even though most of people think that it's very hard to run in LED lighting, there is no lack of manufactures that have successfully been unique in the crowds.

LED High Bay.jpgNot only LED manufactures, but also a multitude of distributors are washed out in the recent years, some people bet that sales of bulbs may trend to drop, at best, stay flat. However, it's reported that the superior export commodities in 2017 are still bulbs and lighting devices. In the data view, the export sales assume a growth trend at present with year-on-year growth of 10.35% and quarter-on-quarter growth of 10.84%.

In contrast of United States, our country's export volume has still been the top of the global and even outdistances USA. It's worth to be pointed out that in ASEAN region, our export volume has appeared in high growth trend. In March, the total export amount of bulbs and lighting devices is as high as 32 million RMB, which is an increase of 36.84% above that of the corresponding period of last year. In all LED bulbs, the best-selling is led high bay light.

In the general social background of big economic pressures and shrink of traditional export commodities order, if our lighting export industries are still keen on keeping growth trend, the only way is to break through ourselves and continuous innovation, in order to win a new situation in the international market. 

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