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How to Select Lens for LED Flood Lighting

LED Flood Lighting    
2017-6-8 14:02:30    

Lens is closely linked to LED bulb, which is able to heighten the service efficiency and luminous efficiency of light. Lens is optional based on different effect with the purpose of change the distribution of light in application. Now, let's see how to select a suitable lens for your LED flood lighting.

LED Flood Light.jpg· Angle is a relative value, which is defined by the function relationship between diameter of visible light spot and illumination.

· Some light spots are bright in the center and then gradually attenuate towards all direction while others get dark immediately in edge. There's no specific limitation about the range of attenuated light spots. Therefore, you need to ask whether your customers have any requirement about luminous intensity. Some customers demand 50% or 25%, while there are other standards.  

· Check the type of light source. Imagine that if your LED is like sun, the angle is large enough. In this case, only a little light is enough to use.

· LED module with lens is a little larger than single LED. Besides, the distance of LED flood lighting lens would also influence the angle.

· Lens must be associated with measured effect and constantly change in order to realize the best irradiation environment. 

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