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How to Solve the Problem of LED Area Light Fixture Glimmer after Being Cut Off

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2017-6-12 14:00:46    

As we mentioned before, there are four circumstances which lead to some LED area Light fixtures glimmer after being cut off. So let's see how to solve these problems?

LED Area Lighting.jpg1. Switch controls the null line while fire line directly enters into fixture.

This is the most common glimmer reasons. When switch controls null line, turning off the fixture is just to cut off the power circuit and fire line is connected to fixture. Therefore, the fixture still glimmers.

Solution: reconnect circuit again and make switch control fire line instead of null line.

2. The switch contains indicator light or it is electronic switch.

Most of switches has inserted into indicator lights. When turn off the fixture but indicator light is in an energized state, there is current passing through fixture. In addition, some fixtures are applied to electronic switch, such as infrared switch, sound control switch or remote switch. These switches are unable to totally cut off circuit. In this condition, the fixture would glimmer after being power off.

Solution: dismantle indicator light or electronic switch and install mechanical switch.

3. The mode of connection about double control switch is wrong.

There are many modes of connections about double control switches. Any wrong connections may cause fixtures glimmer.

Solution: find out wrong connections and reconnect them again.

4. The null line is charged.

After solve all the problems above but the fixture still glimmers after being power off at night, it's necessary to consider whether the null line is charged or not. In theory, when switch has broken away from fire line, there's no more voltage and current in null line. However, it’s very common to see null line be charged in life. There are many reasons which cause this condition, include bad ground wire, long circuit, thin diameter of line or excessive current in null line, and so forth.

Solution: it's very difficult to solve the problem of charged null line, unless retrofit electric transmission line. 

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