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How to Choose LED Light Fixture?

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2017-6-20 11:56:22    

In modern society, fixtures have been an integral part of life. No matter in industry, commercial or household, the quantity demanded of fixtures is growing with each passing day. When choosing the type of fixtures, most people pay much attention to the feature of energy efficacy and environmental protection. Just because of this, LED Light fixtures are being given preference by consumers. However, facing huge quantities fixtures in the lighting market, do you know how to choose the ideal LED light fixtures?

LED High Bay.jpgHealth: LED is a green light source. In contrast of incandescent and fluorescent lamp, LED light fixtures have got many advantages. It is direct-current drive without any stroboscopic and radiation. The color rendering index is high with strong light direction and dimming performance is good. In addition, the heating value of cold light source is so low that it is able to touch safely.   

Energy conservation: LED is cold light source and semiconductor lighting has not polluted environment. Compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamp, the energy saving efficacy is more than 80 percent and the power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent and 1/4 of fluorescent lamp. Actually, the energy saving efficacy of led high bay lighting in some LED supplier even reach in 90 percent and the system light efficacy is as high as 160 lm/W.

Artistry: Colorful LED products have covered the whole visible spectrum range. Meanwhile, the monochromaticity is good and the purity of color is high. The combination of red, green and yellow LED makes the selection of color and gray scale much more flexibility. 

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