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The Service Time of LED Light Fixture Is 100,000 Hours?

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2017-6-22 14:06:24    

As the new generation lighting source, LED Light fixture has been chased by many people, depending on the advantage of high efficacy, energy saving, green and environmental protection. However, the majority of LED manufacturers preach that the service time of their fixtures is 100,000 hours. It’s no doubt it is indeed an attractive number so that no one ever question it.

LED High Bay.jpgHow long is the service time of LED light on earth? In theory, the service time is able to more than 100,000 hours. Therefore, the service time of some small power LED indicator light is likely to arrive in 100,000 hours while for big power outdoor led high bay lighting fixtures, their service time would be greatly cut down. As a matter of fact, the service time of LED is relative to Working Temperature. When the environmental temperature rises in every 10℃, the service time of fixture would decrease a half. Obviously, exorbitant temperature directly leads to shorten the service time.  

Therefore, how to prolong the service time of fixtures? Firstly, deal with the problem of heat dissipation. Try to lower the junction temperature during fixtures working. Next, LED service time is relative to LED driver. For instance, if LED driver is out of work after operating 8,000 hours, even though LED service time is 100,000 hours, the whole LED light fixture is unable to work normally. Finally, excessive driver current also damages fixture. Therefore, LED driver must offer constant current to guarantee it is in normal value in any condition. 

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