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How to Choose High Quality LED Flood Lighting Fixtures?

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2017-6-22 14:27:36    

So far, there are various kinds of LED Light fixtures in market. It should be a good thing because consumers have had multiple choices. That, however, was not the case. Due to LED light become more and more popular, a large quantity of bad fixtures seize the opportunity to noiselessly blend in the market, aiming to just fill up a vacancy and seek exorbitant profit.

LED Flood Lighting.jpgThere are many problems about bad LED light. Take LED flood lighting fixtures for example, the service time of inferior flood lighting is very short, even no more than 1 years. Lumen depreciation is so fast that the light darkens little by little after used three months. The stroboscopic would lead to eyestrain or even impact eyesight. Besides, the number of lamp beads is just a few so that the luminance is not enough as labeled wattage.

Thus it can be seen that it’s very important to select a healthy and high quality LED flood lighting. Consumers always feel headache about how to select. 

Firstly, opt to high quality LED driver and lamp bead, which are the kernel of LED flood lighting fixtures. Good LED driver is able to prolong service time and keep stable performance without stroboscopic while good lamp bead has high color rendering index, gentle and even light and small lumen depreciation.

Next, examine some professional index, including Color temperature, Luminous flux, color rendering index, etc. Different illumination application requires different light so it depends. 

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