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The Damage of Inferior LED Light Fixtures

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2017-6-23 11:50:14    

In the recent years, the development of LED lighting has appeared more and more hot. Most of manufacturers boast that LED Light fixtures are green and environmental protection without any pollution. However, it is not the case. Like other artificial light source, the optical radiation of LED is also able to damage our health.

LED High Bay.jpgThe damage of inferior LED light fixtures mainly occur to eyes and skins, including the photochemistry damage of skins and eyes, near ultraviolet damage to eyes, retinal and skins thermal hazard, and so forth.  In addition, LED light fixtures can also lead to glare hazard, especially led high bay Lighting in industry.  Due to the impropriety of luminance distribution and range or extreme brightness contrast in space and time, glare may bring to uncomfortableness or the vision condition of lowering object visibility. Up to now, glare is one of the most important factors of evaluating lighting quality.

Radiation hazard has been thought as the fourth environment and safety problem by World Health Organization after air, water and noise.  Optical radiation is the most essential element of radiation. The remarkable damage is from ultraviolet radiation and blue light radiation.  With the evolution of LED technology and requirement of market, the radiation of LED chip increases by a large margin, additionally, some manufacturers overuse LED ultraviolet and blue band chip. As a result, the damage of LED optical radiation has become a rigorous problem which cannot be ignored.  

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