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Time:2014/10/14  keywords:LED Street Light

       LED Street Light   use of relatively harsh environment, is set to be able to withstand strong winds outdoors, early / late huge difference in temperature, in order to achieve the purpose of luminous efficacy lighting components as well as high flux requirements, not just the lighting system itself needs to meet the design requirements, with the driving circuit of the lamp envelope, the thermal design, etc., must be used with audit requirements to achieve the final product, in order to achieve high reliability, long life design purpose.   

      An analysis of the quality of the LED light source is the cause of the fault element first hurdle   The observation of a typical street light LED light failure curve can be divided into several, one for the early occur during initial product run, also may lead to component failure is random, the other will gradually lengthen as the running time of the failure to produce loss phenomenon. Most of the initial failure, it will be LED components or components with zero defects in the manufacturing process caused, or electronic substrate materials and parts and lead to poor welding, CAUSE quite a bit, can be static or overload currents, or the mechanical stress caused structural damage when the material elements of the cause of such problems can be 5 to 10 hours after the machine was found during the operation and troubleshooting to improve on the product.   As with the use of time stretched material consumption patterns generated fault, although the material is a necessary process, but it is also tracked, observe the LED light output attenuation parameters can be luminous flux and color coordinates and other parameters to be evaluated, LED that light flux output, LED general can maintain the operational life of 50,000 hours, but the performance will be with the use of flux decay time grew, and when the LED luminous flux decay to 70% of the indicated value of the use of time, is the LED's L70 parameters. Due to wear and tear and component aging caused by prolonged use is very important for assessing the performance element, when a certain number of LED L70 accumulated to reach half of the overall amount of this period range is L70 / B50, namely representatives of key LED life data charts. 2, street / tunnel harsh environment test lamp shell waterproof, dustproof and thermal design   But the reality of the situation and the situation 是, led street light to set the environment for outdoor or tunnel, the light will by vehicle exhaust, acid rain, corrosive gases will cause the drive circuit fails, the LED in the packaging process, the use of plating to act as reflective silver material used, but in fact, the silver and the acidic material will be easily, a chemical reaction of etching gas tends to darken, a result that is directly affects the performance of the LED light source lights the light flux, the original should be silver plated use corrosion-resistant design improvements, slowing its blackened flux material corrosion problems caused by the decline in output.   In addition to improving the LED element itself, in light shell design is the key to the overall product design, as robust performance of the product depends on the lamp shell waterproof, dustproof and cooling effect, generally streetlights will use a two-piece or three-piece fabric made ??using a small amount of group members and fasteners to strengthen the overall extent of rugged lighting in mosaic glass shade surrounding the use of impermeable rubber will avoid water intrusion, and important wire, cable connections will use rubber waterproofing. Lamp shell basically need to assume autologous heat demand, generally will LED light module with the metal lamp shell fabric fit, so glowing LED can also generate heat through the metal thermal characteristics of light scattered to the outer shell, part of the design active cooling systems can also be added to help dissipate heat lamp treatment.


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