The design of the led street light radiator

Time:2014/10/14  keywords:led street light

 LED Street Light   radiator cooling effect mainly depends on the heat sink parts contact with hot objects of the heat absorption plate and the design of the heat sink, excellent function of the led street light radiator, its function should meet three requirements: heat fast, thermal resistance and heat fast.   1, heat faster.Heat absorption plate with led street light module between thermal resistance is small, can quickly absorb the led module of heat.In order to achieve this effect, requires heat absorption plate combined with the LED module to close as far as possible, make direct contact with the LED module metal materials, without any Spaces.   Is the overall thermal resistance of the radiator from beginning and LED module, interface level, cumulative heat plate internal heat transfer impedance is part of the meanwhile not to ignore.In order to absorb the heat conduction effectively to the fin with as many as possible, also need to heat plate has good lateral heat conduction ability.Shall, first of all, when the design meet the heat absorbing plate has enough thickness, at the same time, considering the number of the LED module of the device for reinforcement, in order to ensure the integrity of the lamps and lanterns and mechanical strength.   2, small thermal resistance.In order to improve the heat absorption ability, want to heat sink and led street light module together, without leaving any space, the surface of the die casting out could not be achieved.Heat-absorbing plate and inevitably there will be space between the LED module, if the space is high heat resistance in the air, can‘t get the good effect of thermal conductivity, therefore, should be used with a low thermal resistance and better adaptability of material filling the intervening space, this solution is to use thermal pad.Because the thermal resistance of thermal conductive paste is always higher than that of metal material, so the thermal pad is not the best method to be used, in order to fundamentally improve the heat sink and the heat absorption of lining board of the endothermic ability, it must improve its bottom surface roughness.Flatness is measured through the largest gap between surface height, usually heat sink to the bottom of the slightly below treated can reach 0.1 mm, the milling machine or multichannel wiredrawing processing can reach 0.03 mm, the fin heat plate is flat, thermal resistance, the less the more conducive to the heat absorption, but will add the manufacturing cost.   3, quick to heat.Because of the led street light module of heat absorption plate and the heat dissipation fin die casting as a body, namely the ability to absorb heat from the led module rapidly conduction to the fin, the lamp body and the upper heat dissipation fin is exposed in the air, and the direction of the fin is parallel to the road, need to send out quantity of heat, together with the airflow direction will not cause heat by air to form a vortex, thus can flow from the air flow smoothly will take away the heat, heat out to the fastest speed.


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