LED Street Light to install what you need

Time:2014/10/14  keywords:LED Street Light

       LED Street Light   in our daily life, is often met in industrial and mining lamp installation, construction personnel to wear safety helmet, dust mask, seat belt into the scene, in the case of not delay the production of cranes into the construction location.   Installed in the process of industrial and mining lamp have to be uninterrupted monitoring by full-time security officer, in the case of not delay the production, construction personnel to carry out the construction, the work of driving advance notice.Sirkin halide lamp workers to industrial and mining lamp after the installation, you can inform the driving position to the next.   Install the led street light, the construction units need to provide the driving, making falsework.When installing industrial and mining lamp also need a lot of tools, the following to check which tools are used when installation of industrial and mining lamp.   1, hammer, hacksaw, saw blade, wire stripping pliers, flat cutting pliers, long nose pliers, active board, a screwdriver, mining lights, phillips screwdriver, multimeter, tool bag, etc.   2, pencil, tape, string cable, spirit level, gloves, hard hats, dust mask, seat belt, etc.   The advantages of science, by the way the led street light: 1, has advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection pollution-free.Energy efficiency: the quality of power supply is more than the chip integrated packaging configuration, than traditional lamps and lanterns is high brightness, low light failure, light color is consistent, the lamps and lanterns saving energy more than 50%.Signs in the beauty of science and technology is to use the United States imported pury chip, domestic well-known brand electrical appliances.Environmental protection: the LED mining lamp does not contain lead, mercury and other harmful substances, so won‘t cause pollution to the environment.   2, has a long life is a little bit.Unique chip technology and quality of radiator, the high quality cast aluminium body, fully guarantee the service life of the LED mining lamp.Chip, the average life expectancy at 50000 hours, but the good quality metal halide light source of the life only 10000 hours.   3, led street light light comfortable and increase work efficiency of workers.Unique chip integration design, selects the import high brightness chip, high brightness, low light failure, light color purity, no ghosting, light colors optional to meet different environmental needs, enhances the working efficiency of the workers.


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