Led street light strength not extinguish

Time:2014/10/14  keywords:led street light

Existing LED in the grain, the packaging technology for breakthrough development, high luminous efficiency, long service life of the single element, is becoming more and more small size, combined with digital control drive circuit can be reached as traditional lamps and lanterns that move light application requirements, highlighting its tremendous growth potential applications in lighting market, plus countries based on the requirements of environmental protection have announced to ban ban incandescent bulb lamp, and it will be like the  LED Street Light   replacement is the best publicity, the ball bubble lights using LED energy-efficient lighting light source to replace the condition of the traditional inefficient lighting light source is just around the corner.   However, the market of LED Lighting products quality good and bad are intermingled, some low price products in poor performance, color or ignore the LED its reliability, long life, affect consumer confidence, for bad optical design, also can make the LED illumination status, if not more comfortable traditional lighting.The same road with LED Lights is also the same situation, with road street lamp lighting facilities for users will contact every day, in case of play variation or brightness, color also can make the user for the LED public lighting.   Generally in the road or tunnel LED lighting lighting applications, such as street lights will be LED lights definition in 85 lumens per watt lights or higher, if the existing technology to construct function, will be able to find the LED light source technology made of a street lamp, public lighting facilities, the energy consumption will be far below the traditional incandescent lamp and xenon lamp, halogen lamp brightness light lamps and lanterns USES energy consumption, while the energy consumption in big wins, but actually, the LED light source used as street lights, still can encounter reliability, light failure rate (life).   First to get to know the reliability of the leds to define, in general, reliability refers to the unit time, under the condition of the product‘s capacity to enforce its target function, observing the LED street light the cause of the problem of the main points of several state, is a kind of serious damage to the fault, the symbol of LED light source system cannot use severely damaged, the other is a LED light source, light source parameters appear, affect the running efficiency, that is to say, the LED luminous flux performance under normal condition, if appear less than 70% of the initial value system, of the following is belong to the type parameter fault, neither type parameter or serious fault phenomenon, all tasks on behalf of the LED light source lamp has insufficient lighting, must be repaired or replaced, and the reliability is low maintenance and repair cost will increase, and the long life of LED benefit cannot adequately.   For Energy Star (Energy Star) for outdoor LED lighting lamps and lanterns is the life of the requirements definition for 35000 hours, even if the LED luminous element L70 / B50 service life can reach 50000 hours, but because of the element itself droop performance factors affected quite a lot, like the enclosed lamp shell or poor heat running environment, even is the leakage of the short circuit drive circuit and so on, are likely to make the LED luminous element into the light early failure period, affect its durability.   With existing led street light manufacturing technology, it has a can improve the overall life of the practice of lamps and lanterns, for example in the encapsulation of led, led around encapsulation is the key to reliability, high power chip packages with high heat resistant ceramic substrates with surface change low encapsulate, not only can get excellent performance in heat dissipation, also showed relative stability in thermal conductivity and the related parameters of packaging technology.In addition, the package size is reduced gradually, the 10 ~ 13 w drive LED packaging size has little to 3 mm * 3 mm or less.


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