LED Street Light Quality Grade Is High

Time:2014/10/14  keywords:LED Street Light

      The use of  LED Street Light   environment is relatively poor, set in the outdoor should be tolerated winds, early/late, large temperature difference for the components for the purpose of lighting luminous efficiency and high flux requirement, not only the lighting system itself needs to meet the design requirements, the collocation of the drive circuit, lamp shell, thermal design, etc., must match to the final product audit requirements, to achieve the design of high reliability, long service life.

   1, the analysis of the LED light source, the cause of the problem is the first level quality component   While observing the LED light source lamp failure curve, can be divided into several, a kind of happened early in the product during the running of the early, moreover may be random component failure, the other with the running time is long will gradually produce debilitating failure phenomenon.Most of the early failure, will be LED elements or components in the process of use, be caused by defects of bad or materials and electronic substrate welded to cause, cause quite a bit, can be static or overload current, or feeding mechanical stress element of structure damage as a result, this kind of problem can be found within the product 5 ~ 10 hours after computer found and error-detection improvement during operation.   As for as the time stretched the material loss type failure, though is a key process of the material, but also has a track record, observe the LED light output attenuation parameters can be made of luminous flux and color coordinates evaluated parameters, such as, LED luminous flux of light output, namely LED can maintain the operating life of 50000 hours of commonly, but luminous flux performance will be attenuation along with the using time grew, and when the LED luminous flux attenuation to the marking value of 70% of the time, is the LED L70 parameters.Due to the long time use of loss and component aging performance is quite important for evaluating component, when a certain number of LED to L70 cumulative to the overall number of half, this paragraph of time interval for L70 / B50, namely the key data graph represents the service life of the LED.

   2, street lamps use harsh test lamp shell/tunnel waterproof, dustproof and heat dissipation design   But the realistic situation and the situation is, the led street light to set up the environment for outdoor or tunnel, lamps and lanterns is automobile exhaust gas, acid rain erosion, corrosive gases will cause driver circuit malfunction, in the process of led encapsulation, use silver plated materials to as reflective use, but in fact the silver material easily react with the acid, corrosion gas and tend to turn black, so that directly affect the luminous flux of led light lamp, the original silver plating processing should use design to improve corrosion resistance, slow down the material corrosion caused by black light flux decline in output.   Besides LED the improvement of the element itself, in the design of the lamp shell is also the whole product design is the key, because of the strong performance of the product is the lamp shell of waterproof, dustproof and heat dissipation effect, general street lamps will use a two-piece or three type fabric, using a small set of components and fasteners to strengthen the overall the strong degree of lamps and lanterns, around in Mosaic glass lampshade will also use waterproof rubber to avoid the rain intrusion, and important wire, cable joint also will use a rubber waterproof processing.Lamp shell is basically to self cooling demand, general will LED lamp module and metal shell fabric joint, let the light at the same time can also be through the metal thermal conductivity properties will generate heat source are scattered to the LED lamp shell, part of the design can also be an additional cooling system actively, to assist the lamps and lanterns in heat treatment.

   3, element aging and failure cause of dust invasion is LED lamps and lanterns   Premature failure and general lamps and lanterns, in addition to air and damp, element aging and dust problem must also be considered in product design, basically just adopt the high reliability of LED components, can solve the problem of more than half of the product fault, the second is how to improve dust intrusion and wet because the lamp shell cause lighting lamp shell short circuit is damaged.Using better LED components with high reliability of the lighting system integration, LED Lighting lamps facilities nature can play a better reliability and service life.   on the other hand, the led street light is not as bright as possible, but in the most economic, most effective way for product design, generally two lanes for about 8 meters wide, about every 20 ~ 25 meters set up a street lamp, street lamp lighting needs only need 10 lx is enough, more than 10 lx light source design is essentially a kind of the waste of energy, back to demand, in the design of the corresponding lamp led light source demand, driving the light source can master the required power, the led type and quantity, the drive circuit and protection circuit, design of lamp shell can also choose corresponding development, natural can find corresponding optimization from the demand of product configuration, and not geared to develop high efficiency, high brightness, high life products, causes the product cost is too high, can't cut into the application market.


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