how to choose a nice LED Sports Light

Time:2014/12/10  keywords:LED Sports Light

       LED Sports Light   illuminating the substance itself or the substance when in contact with the material, the transfer of energy is called the heat conduction, which is the most common form of heat transfer from the low energy particles and high-energy particles come in direct contact with the collision energy transfer. In contrast, the limited thermal conduction of solid and liquid, because the molecules constituting the gas is not very close, the energy transfer between them is called the thermal diffusion.      

      Specific application to the LED Sports Light illumination practical point of view, there are two different kinds of thermal convection conditions. Natural Convection refers fluid motion, causes the temperature difference, the lower the temperature high fluid density, light weight, relative upward movement will be.      

      Since the fluid temperature is low, high density, and therefore the downward movement, this is because after the heat transfer fluid is heated, or after the temperature difference exists, the power generated in the heat transfer; fluid forced convection is driven by external force (a fan-driven air flow), where the driving force of the fluid on the movement somewhere, so that thermal convection is more efficient and directivity.      

      Since LED Sports Light illumination thermal radiation is passed through the waves, then inevitably there will be a wavelength, there is frequency. The heat absorption of the object needs to determine the efficiency of the transmission are not transmitted through the medium, here there is a coefficient of thermal radiation, with values between 0 and 1, is part of the surface characteristics of the object and the thermal conductivity of the rigid the material characteristics of the object.


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System Introduction
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