Being a leader of energy saving _____ led street light

Time:2014/7/15  keywords:led street light

      Why  LED Street Light    fades is small, because there is his unique optical design. In fact, there are examples of proof LED Lights compared with conventional sodium lamp lighting time a year later compared to practice a lot of sodium light decay decline, while the LED light failure problems can be negligible. LED lights dimming can be achieved computers, sub-time control, lighting control, temperature control, remote control, automatic inspection and other user-friendly features. LED low-voltage devices, drive single LED voltage is safe voltage, single LED power products are 1 watt, so it a more secure than using a high voltage power supply, especially for public places, simple device: no cable without Jiamai rectifiers, etc., directly to the street lamp poles connected device or in the original light source nested shells.        led street light although higher prices for the first time, but after a certain period, LED street light maintenance than conventional sodium interest is much lower, of course, he is also more reliable energy-saving situations, can saving 60% or more, so that , consider buying LED lights LED lights customers or more consideration, because less than six years, it has been the first to recover interest on purchase lamps friends. Since the advent of led lights on the favored, green energy saving concept deeply rooted, beautify the road environment, but also in response to the call of national emissions. Long-life LED lights, can be recycled, high CRI, lighting and environment surrounding the road of peace has had a very important significance. Power sector represents a large area devices using led lights to ease the power shortage problem. led street light is directional light, lighting aperture large, reflecting the fast, can instantly led street lamp series with all the lights. Not only easier for the public to travel, but also for the beautification of the city made ​​a great contribution.        led street light can replace the original lights, it will be better than saving more than 70%. led street price above there is still much room for price cuts, with the advance of technology promotion and, led lights will fully occupy the market in recent years, street lighting manufacturers have invested to make LED lights, which is why? We all know that led lights manufacturers as emerging renewable energy, more energy efficient, greener and more by customers, so have switched to doing this. So, these lights manufacturers advantages and where? Street light manufacturers led street light reduces power output, the power will not need to make up problems, and high light, led street light is 120 degrees reflective light are all effective light emitting angle is then also possible to adjust the power efficiency: compared with previous street lights, led lights save a large part of the electricity, and even with more power, and fully meet the energy saving effect.


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