Led street light will make a bright future

Time:2014/7/17  keywords:led street light

      LED Street Light   and contrast to the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, flashed a different charm. Today, everyone‘s getting into the green horizon, energy saving concept is growing in popularity, the outlook led street light can be described as a gorgeous.        Primary, led street light source power was now arrived in 110-130lm / W is still much room to expand, in theory, be able to arrive 250lm / W high-pressure sodium lamp luminous power is only increased with the increase in power, therefore, led street light the effect is stronger than all the high-pressure sodium light to arrive to save energy.        Secondly, based on scientific data flash, led street light color much higher than high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp CRI is generally only 23 or so, but the LED Lights CRI was able to arrive 75 or more, that is, the arrival of equality brightness, uniform illumination LED lights can reduce more than 20% of the high-pressure sodium lamps.        Then, led road lighting failure is small, the data flash, a year less than 3% of the light fades so even if the use of 10 years, the demand was still able to arrive from the use of illumination, and high-pressure sodium lights on the big decline of more than a year or so can be reduced to 30%, therefore, designed to use power led lights, it can be much lower than the high-pressure sodium lamps.        Ultimately, the use of life expectancy led street light is long, able to use more than 50,000 hours, and serves a five-year warranty, compared to the general high-pressure sodium lamps, can save a lot of interest, and its unique automatic energy-saving equipment, so she without the same time to meet the largest possible reduction in power and save energy; more importantly, does not contain harmful metal mercury, can not constitute any damage to the environment when discarded.        LED Lighting is very brilliant prospects throughout the course of its unique LED have a place, because LED lighting and energy saving effect is very good, by the modern people loved things one integrated LED intelligent lighting as the main direction of future development obviously the next leading cause is the development of LED lighting. Things and LED two strategic emerging industries, if the perfect match, it can bring very good results and is inseparable from my life LED through the promotion of the role of the site can bring more and more benefits and income illuminated at night, like this: combination of things and LED lighting is for example 1 +1 greater than 2 have a common low voltage DC LED drivers, LED facilitate networking and integration of integration, so that you can achieve on-demand lighting, further reducing power consumption; while when all the lights are included in the set control when synchronization construct local sensing network, intelligent control, intelligent illumination, information will become possible. LED intelligent lighting on many projects can with the information systems, integrated rural wisdom. There are advantages of LED lighting things on the whole, completely abolished the control cable, greatly reducing the cost of project implementation. led street light through from time to time to promote the development of talent and slowly open, it should go into the LED development, so that the night life more exciting!


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