what makes led street light lives longer ?

Time:2014/7/31  keywords:led street light

will produce a small amount of heat during the  LED Street Light   work, which depends on how much the luminous efficiency of the entire lamp. LED Lights work is stable, the quality is good or bad, their vital heat and light body, high brightness LED lamp cooling effect on the market are generally not ideal.   LED light source to create led street light lamps, the LED heat dissipation structure, drivers, lenses, composition lamp shell lamp parts, so heat is also an important part of the heat if the LED is not well, life is also affected. Thermal management is a high-brightness LED applications the main problem.   Thermal path LED devices are mainly thermal conduction and convection; If the substrate material using extremely low thermal conductivity of the device is bound to generate a lot of heat resistance, serious self-heating effects, devastating an impact on device performance and reliability. Effect of heat on the LED heat concentrated in the high brightness of the small size of the chip, the chip temperature increases, thermal stress caused by non-uniform distribution of the chip and phosphor emission efficiency lasing efficiency decreases; when the temperature exceeded a predetermined value, failure of the device rate increases exponentially. Statistics indicate, component temperature rise 2 ℃, down 10% reliability when multiple LED white lighting system composed of densely arranged, the heat dissipation problem is more serious.   Solve the problem of thermal management has become a prerequisite for high-brightness LED applications. led street light aluminum cooling fins of the method is the most common way of cooling, aluminum fins as a partial enclosure to increase the cooling area. Looks radiant heat lamp shell exterior disposition to do radiation heat disposal is simply radiant heat applied paint, radiant heat can be removed from the way light shell surface. Use light shell shape, creating a convection air, which is to strengthen the lowest cost thermal model, which is a low cost, effective, and easy maintenance cooling.   E-lite semiconductor is a company focused on led street light , we have our own engineer to make different led light to satisfy your various choices . If need , feel free to contact with us . Or visit www.elitesemicon.com .  


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