led street light has a powerful efficiency

Time:2014/8/12  keywords:led street light

With perfect heat, light technology  LED Street Light   can indeed play a role in saving money. However, there are street lights still facing complex thermal and light distribution problems and resolve bad: Hot scattered can not afford to lose too much light, it will lead to poor lighting, energy-saving effect is obvious, even the consequences of the death of the lamp, and give users LED Lights saving money is not festival, technology, however impression.   Specifically, since the advent of the semiconductor light source has been using a shell-type structure. This package current, low amount of light emitted. Now power lighting-chip current has reached several hundred milliamps or even higher, due to the low photoelectric conversion efficiency, most of the energy can only sporadic form of heat, and the high temperature is the enemy of the chip. Continue to use the old method, not innovation is not completely solve the luminous efficiency, light failure problems led street light‘s.   If the light source with a light loss of about 15%, plus the glass but also the loss of about 15%, the total amount of light emitted after lamps made ​​on the loss of about 30%. The ultimate goal of the lamp is illuminated road to serve, the key depends on the application street light efficiency, judge the merits of light while looking at the entire lighting efficiency is more important is the road the whole lamp light efficiency. Only light to improve light efficiency through the entire road with lights, in order to determine how much energy conservation. Pavement light efficiency is an important indicator of the assessment of LED lights, although the relevant units have not yet introduced the relevant standards, but whether any street lights are to be irradiated onto the road. Under the premise of the total power, the better the higher the total luminous flux projected on the road surface to the effective light better.   So how can we improve the whole led street light road light effect it? First, from the light source package to address the problem, the light from the fundamental solution to waste, and secondly, to optimize light distribution angle from the outside from resolved.


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System Introduction
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