The Future Of LED Street Lighting Is Still Bright

Time:2014/8/19  keywords:LED Street Light

       LED Street Light   after years of technological innovation and improvement maturing, LED street price also dropped to a level closer to the traditional lamp, expected in the next few years, LED outdoor lighting up shipments will grow rapidly.

   1, to the North American market, as of the end of 2013, a total of more than 600 American cities have or are planning to install led street light, such as Los Angeles installation 142000, Seattle, install 41000, Las Vegas City install 40000 lamp, Boston installed 32 000. New York City has plans to replace the city‘s 250,000 street lights in 2017, after the city's business district will be replaced with LED decorative lighting fixtures, which will be North America's largest LED Lights facelift plan. In addition, the majority of Canadian provinces are actively planning or conduct of LED lights facelift facelift incentive plan.   North American outdoor lighting market with vendors to join matures, competition policy makers is mainly reflected in the provision of cost-effective products, pay more attention to environmental factors, as well as to meet the needs of high-end professional. For example Cree can replace 100W high pressure sodium launch price of $ 99 LED lights, is not sufficient to meet the budget requirements of the municipal authorities facelift. In addition, due to consumer demand from halogen and incandescent lamps to more energy-efficient and longer life of LED product changes, tier manufacturers such as Osram and GE, etc. have reduced the traditional lighting business, the focus will be placed on the product LED products and solutions.

   2, the European lighting market are not much better. European street lamp market has been a B2G oligopoly market, product and supply chain less style has also been quite stable, and is usually a local brand factory in Europe or the local manufacturers based, and these companies have a very good relationship between government and business and economies of scale . European LED lights for the price sensitivity to low relative to other regions, but for quite stringent quality requirements.   led street light installation projects in various regions are also popular in Europe, where Britain process rapidly. London recently launched its largest ever one street lighting modernization project, plan to 2016 will be about 35,000 light its street lighting throughout the city used 52,000 lights were replaced in LED lights. In addition, other areas of the United Kingdom have also opened in 2013 facelift planned, large-scale installation of LED lights.

   3, the Japanese government will increase the tax base of the means to reduce the bond issue, in order to achieve the goal of deficit reduction, will reduce the current deficit of about 50 trillion yen in half. Longer-term goal is 2020 Olympic race-related lighting engineering and infrastructure, has been related to the construction industry can be seen has officially started, plans to import LED Lighting and OLED lighting in this project has attracted international attention. In addition, signed the "Convention on the International Mercury" will also bring new opportunities for LED lighting.

   4, in emerging markets such as India, Russia, Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia) and Australia, LED outdoor lighting-related policies and facelift project has attracted increasing attention.

   Overall, North America, Europe remains the main demand for outdoor lighting area, but by the impact of budget cuts and high permeability to push the growth rate slowing trend has now. The Latin American market developed late, usher in the next two races in Brazil, driven by outdoor lighting market will usher in rapid move up period.


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