Led street light is better than any other lighting

Time:2014/8/8  keywords:led street light

       LED Street Light   as a new light source technology and new lighting, with its green energy, carbon emissions, long life and other advantages of the strong support by governments, widely used in various lighting field, it has no energy-saving fluorescent lamps unmatched features:  

 1, high efficiency LED Lighting Lighting efficiency mainly refers to the effective optical efficiency, because fluorescent lamps are 360 degree light, and the light emitted in the opposite direction there is nothing useful. So usually a white fluorescent lamp shade, you can put a considerable part of the reverse light reflected back, in general, the efficiency of fluorescent lamps only about 70%. And led street light is illuminated 120 degrees, so all light is effective light. Although sometimes feel light-emitting angle of 120 degrees a little narrow, but in most cases is sufficient. And the light angle can also be adjusted according to need.  

 2, high efficiency LED lighting power supply It is assumed that fluorescent lamps rated output power of 36W, but because of access to the ballast, the measured input power of 42.4W, which is the core inductor loss of 6.4W, efficiency is reduced to 85%, the majority of domestic iron core inductors in more than 10W power consumption, the power factor is less than 0.512. The LED power efficiency is usually up to 90%, a 18W 20W LED fluorescent tube as long as the input power. Power factor can reach 0.9 or more. And fluorescent lights can save more compared to about half of the electricity, that uses a 18-watt LED fluorescent tube can replace a 36-watt fluorescent lamp   

3, LED long lamp life  A careful design of the life led street light can reach 50,000 hours. And a fluorescent lamp life is usually only 5,000 hours (some made of fluorescent life of only 300 hours). A difference of nearly 10 time   

4, LED lamps do not contain mercury, pollution  Fluorescent lamps contain mercury. 25-45mg 36mm mercury contained in fluorescent lamps, 26mm (T8) contains 20mg of mercury. The fluorescent lamps are based on fragile glass as a shell, once broken glass, where the mercury will soon evaporate into the air, and instantly make the ambient air mercury concentration of 10-20 mg / cubic meter, exceeding the national the 1000-2000 times. The Mercury is a very harmful to the human body of toxic substances, mercury vapor of 0.04 to 3 milligrams cause chronic poisoning people in the February-March, amounting to induce acute mercury poisoning from 1.2 to 8.5 milligrams, should the amount of 20 mg, will directly lead to animal death. 1mg sufficient mercury and 5,454.5 kg of contaminated drinking water, so as reach the standards for drinking water. And led street light does not contain any toxic substances, is a completely non-polluting green light.   

5, LED lamps wide range of color temperature, color rendering index LED can provide almost any color temperature, but can also provide any one color of red, green and blue light as well.  


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