nothing can stop LED Street Light

Time:2014/9/10  keywords:LED Street Light

      The energy-efficient  LED Street Light   is not only cool concept deeply rooted, and the rapid development in technology, prices declined steadily, especially in the street light led street lamp with unique advantages, covering a lot of streets.

   1, the characteristics of LED street itself - one-way, no light diffused light, ensure lighting efficiency.

   2, LED street light with a unique secondary optical design, the LED Lights illuminating light shines on the area needed to further improve the lighting efficiency in order to save energy.

   3, LED light efficiency and currently has 110-200lm / W, but there is still much room for development, the theoretical value of 250lm / W. The luminous efficiency of the high-pressure sodium lamp is only increased with the increase in power, therefore, the same power of the overall optical efficiency of LED lights to be several times higher than the high-pressure sodium lamps.

   4, led street light light color than many of the high-pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index of only 23, while the LED lights color rendering index of 75 or more, can effectively reduce driver fatigue and reduce the accident rate.

   5, LED street light is small, light fades less than 3 percent a year, using a 10-year still reached road illumination requirements, and high-pressure sodium lights big decline, about a year has fallen more than 30%, therefore, LED lights can use of more than 50,000 hours, provide quality assurance for three years.

   6, LED street light energy saving automatic control device, can be realized at different times to meet the lighting requirements when the maximum possible reduction in power to save energy. Smart LED lights dimming can be achieved computer, sub-time control, lighting control, temperature control, remote control, automatic inspection and other user-friendly features.

   7, LED is a low-voltage devices, drive single LED voltage is safe voltage, single LED power products are a watt, so it is a more secure than using a high voltage power supply, especially for public places (eg: street lights lighting, industrial lighting, automotive lighting, commercial lighting, etc.).

   8, only a small piece of each LED unit is small size, it can be prepared into various shapes devices, and for the environment variable.


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