The way to be an expert of choosing LED Street Light

Time:2014/9/15  keywords:LED Street Light

       LED Street Light   because of its energy-saving effect is obvious, long life, no radiation, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, light and soft, wide operating voltage range and a series of features in the project has been widely used in factories and mines. As a consumer, how to choose a dazzling array of LED lamps in satisfactory product? Can be identified from the following aspects.

   1, packaging and trademarks. National mandatory led street light fixture manufacturer marked on the product packaging to the following: the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. In general, good quality products and printing quality trademark, logo clearly visible, easy to wipe clean with a soft damp cloth, and there is manufacturer's trademark and related certification mark.

   2, the lamp appearance. There should be no cracks, loose and interfaces between being prized appearance. In the installation, removal process, the cap should not be loose or head tilt phenomenon. Lamp shell material also needs sophisticated.

   3, working condition. LED lamps under normal operating conditions, the temperature rise should be relatively low, if the conditions are not good heat lamp work beads at high temperatures, the light fades will be great, lamp life will be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, when the lamp is lit and closed, if there is rapid flashing, also shows that there are quality problems.

   4, working sound. EMC is the project appliances must pass on LED Lighting product packaging must be printed with the national flag of electromagnetic compatibility testing. We can also simply through a small trial judge, with a short-wave radio, when the lights work, the radio near the lower radio noise received, indicating that the electromagnetic compatibility test light as possible. Mute the sound environment to your liking LED lamps at work, if you can very clearly hear the voice of the lights work, indicating the lamp power is not very good.

   5, power and light effects. Luminous efficiency of LED Lights is the luminous efficiency of a product led street light, the unit is lumens / watt. The higher the number the better the results indicates that the lamp energy saving, the more power, you should choose lumens / watt high LED lamps. Depending on the size of the environment to choose the right power LED lamps, the current LED lamps on the market, 16-watt power LED lamps can reach the size of the equivalent of 200 watt incandescent light flux, sufficient to meet the lighting requirements of 10 square meters of space .

   6, color rendering index and color temperature. CRI is to evaluate an indicator light coloration ability of objects, the perfect color rendering index reference light source 100, the higher the color rendering index, indicating light color response of the object, the more close to the real color. Generally considered: 80 to 100, the color is good; 50 to 79, the color generally; less than 50 is considered poor color rendering. The unit of the color temperature in Kelvin (K), the red light at a color temperature between 800K ~ 900K, yellow-white light color temperature of about 3,000K, white light color temperature of about 5500K, the color temperature of the light blue light between 8,000K ~ 12,000K.


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