led street light is not easy as you image

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As a light source in the emerging forces,  LED Street Light   emitting different way from traditional sources. It is the use of compound semiconductor PN section of electrons and holes to light. Different ways of decision-emitting LED and traditional light sources are essentially different, but also determines it has its own uniqueness.   1, LED small, single high-power LED chip size is usually only 1 mm2, with the outside packaging materials, an LED is usually only a few millimeters in diameter, multi-chip led street light due to the integration of multiple LED chips, size slightly larger. This brings in the lighting on the exterior design of the high flexibility, LED lamps can be made ??as needed point, line or area light source, you can also customize the size of the lamp according to the characteristics of the building structure to a more see the light but not light to achieve good results. More and more modern building glass wall and other new mining multi-material, which makes lighting the traditional way of foreign investment is gradually being replaced by the translucent lighting, and LED Lighting is an excellent choice within the translucent, and there help reduce light interference and light pollution.   2, LED colorful light emitted color is good. Color monochromatic LED emitting light is better, which is a light-emitting principle of the LED chip is determined using different luminescent materials can be obtained with monochromatic light of different colors, in addition, on the basis of the blue-chip, with yellow phosphor, you can get different color temperature white LED, or by the red, green, and blue color LED chip package to an LED which, using the corresponding optical design to achieve three mixed light shade.   3, long LED life, fast response, can be repeatedly switch. High-power LED life under normal operating conditions can reach more than 50,000 hours, but, LED response soon, and we can switch on the LED repeated operations without adversely affecting their life or performance. This point is very different from the traditional light sources. If you repeatedly switch ordinary incandescent lamp, its life decreased rapidly; ordinary fluorescent lamps, each switch will result in the loss of electrodes emitting material, so frequent switching lamp life will lead to a rapid decline. For the high-pressure gas discharge lamp, the lamp will repeatedly switch the same electrode caused a very negative impact, and that this type of light source can not achieve hot start, that lights be extinguished after a certain time to cool, to start again . Thus, for some the need to repeatedly switch operation in terms of lighting effects, led street light has a unique advantage.   4, LED light color can be realized fast, various changes. As described above, the red, green and blue color LED chip package together, for three-color light and the emitted light mixing, a white light can be obtained. If we are to red, green, and blue, respectively, to control the three chips, the ratio may be changed in the output light in three colors of light, changes in whole pieces in order to achieve color LED light output. As a result, an LED is like a palette, you can deploy the different colors of light depending on the need, which is the traditional light source can not be done. LED fast response, easy to control, so you can achieve rapid light-colored, diverse changes, we can take advantage of this feature of LED, constructed many dynamic effects.   5, LED can be used to build a variety of patterns. Since LED is small, firm structure, short response time, we can use LED construct a certain graphical; then these graphics again be combined to achieve the effect of certain design. Now, in the city streets, businesses and stores, we can see a lot by plane led streeet light pattern or construct three-dimensional graphics, these patterns and graphics can achieve very dazzling effect. In addition, we can carry out a large-scale LED centralized control, the entire building facades as a dynamic screen display.


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