LED Street Light Will Be What You Can‘t Image

Time:2014/9/23  keywords:LED Street Light

      Speaking  LED Street Light   illumination, we first make an explanation on nanomaterials. A nanometer is a unit of length, that 10-9m. Human cell size between 5 microns to 20 microns. 1 micron is equal to 1000 Carolina, is approximately equal to one percent of hair diameter. These nanoparticles can be loaded simultaneously a variety of things, such as quantum dots and drugs. Quantum dots are very fine semiconductor material. When the semiconductor material is reduced to a very, very small, only a few nanometers in diameter the size of the particles, the properties of these particles appear great changes, becoming much like atoms.
 Nano-materials, also known as ultrafine particulate material, composed by nanoparticles. Nanoparticles also called ultrafine particles, generally refers to a particle size between 100nm ~, is in a transition zone clusters and the junction of macroscopic objects, from the usual on the micro and macro point of view, such a system both atypical the microscopic system is also atypical macroscopic systems, is a typical person mesoscopic system, which has a surface effect, small size effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect. Modern LED Lighting fixtures need to pay attention to.
 Neutral water-based nano titanium dioxide (TiO2) nano-sol, nontoxic, particle scale in 0.1-100nm, the dielectric ceramic material has a relatively high resistivity, the resistive film is between 106 ~ 1011Ω, so in the general situation under , dielectric ceramics are often regarded as an insulator. So long as the neutral water-based nano titania (TiO2) sol applied to the substrate surface and have a certain thickness (film thickness of 1nm-1μm), the insulation resistance will be shown, may be formed because of a high dielectric layer between the gate electric field distribution can be improved characteristics, but also because of the close-packed nano-titanium dioxide in the air can accelerate electrons to reduce, thus reducing damage to the insulation layer. Has many of its advantages.
 Most current led canopy light lamp board manufacturers use as an insulating varnish paint, varnish thermal conduction efficiency far and nano-titanium dioxide, commercial-type varnish at 200oC and above can now not much, right led canopy light lamp the heat radiating plate are adversely affected. And in recent years, the characteristics of the material are also increasingly stringent requirements, such as moisture resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, and environmental requirements, etc. Therefore varnish has gradually enough for use, and the general composition of varnish mostly resin, high viscosity, if you want to reduce the viscosity of the need to use special solvents or organic solvents, for the operation affects people and the environment is very large.


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