The influence factors of quality of lamps and lanterns of led high bay light

Time:2015/1/4  keywords:led high bay

      First, choose what led high bay white light.This kind of situation is very important, the quality of LED white light can be said to be the very important factor.Give some examples, the same represented by wafer 14 mil white light section of the chip, made of common epoxy resin glue and Bai Guangjiao and glue packaging LED white light, single light in 30 degrees environment, after one thousand hours, attenuation data to droop 70%;If encapsulated with low class D failure glue, in the same aging conditions, thousands of hours of light failure is 45%;If the C class low failure glue encapsulation, in the same aging conditions, thousands of hours of light failure is 12%;If a class B low failure glue encapsulation, under the same aging environment, thousands of hours of light failure of 3%;If class A low failure glue, in the same aging conditions, thousands of hours of light decline of 6%.

      Second, the LED lamp bead working environment temperature.Due to the single LED white light when aging data, LED white light if there is only a light work, at the same time, it‘s environment temperature is 30 degrees, so, single LED white light work of stent temperature not more than 45 degrees.This time, the service life of the LED will be ideal.Once with 100 white light LED Lights work at the same time, the interval between them is only 11.4 mm, so, light the LED white light of the perimeter of the heap of stent temperature may also can't more than 45 degrees, but those LED white light lamp in the middle of the pile could reach the high temperature of 65 degrees.This time, the LED lamp bead is a test.So, gathered in the middle of the white light LED, theory of glazing failure will be a bit faster, and the light surrounding the pile of white LED lamp , light failure will slow down a little.Comprehensive should all know, the LED is afraid of heat, the higher the temperature, the shorter the LED life, the lower the temperature, LED the longer service life.LED the ideal working temperature of course is between negative 5 to zero.But it is basically impossible.

      Third, the electrical parameter design LED lamp bead work.Analysis of experimental results, the LED white light under the condition of the drive current is lower, the smaller the emission quantity of heat, of course, and the smaller brightness.According to the survey, the design of solar LED Lighting circuit, LED drive current generally 5-10 ma;Lamp bead with large number of products used in the lamp s and lanterns, such as more than 500, or more, the drive current generally 10 to 15 ma, and generally popular application of LED lighting drive current, just 15 to 18 ma, in the case of the current design to more than 20 ma is very rare.


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