Why Does LED Sports Light Source Occur Stroboflash

Time:2016/12/29  keywords:LED Sports Light

      Actually, the stroboflash of light source is a subjective feeling of reaction chain which comes from the variation of voltage, the fluctuation of luminous flux, eyes and brains. The technical mechanism that produces stroboflash has had many factors, including power supply, performance of electric and light source, unreasonable lighting design, etc. Let’s briefly analyze it from the point of the performance of electric light source.

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1. The frequency of light source supply is low, mainly including incandescent, high pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp. At this stage, the majority power supply is 50Hz sinusoidal alternating current directly towards luminophor of electric light source. The frequency of stroboflash is 50Hz*2=100Hz and the fluctuation is sine wave.

2. The voltage of light source fluctuates wildly. In terms of the present 50Hz alternating current, the fluctuation range of instantaneous voltage is between 10% and 20%, which greatly aggravate the depth of stoboflash, whose frequency is 100Hz and the fluctuation is sine wave.

3. The performance of electric light source. Incandescent is thermal radiation light source whose filament directly heats and shines. The shiny power of luminophor varies with the frequency of power supply and the fluctuation rule is still sine wave. Both high pressure sodium lamp and fluorescent lamp belong to electric light source, which depends on gas discharging and giving out light. Both start and kindling are applied to inductance ballast, which hasn’t had the function of frequency conversion. Therefore, its power fluctuates with the frequency of power supply.

As we mentioned before, we are only able to observe the stroboflash if it is less than 50 Hz. If it is over 50Hz, we hardly distinguish the change. That is the reason why we think there’s no stoboflash in  LED Sports Light   and other LED Light. 


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