The long in coming blue LED High Bay in LED lighting

Time:2016/3/23  keywords:LED High Bay

      In 1907, a British engineer Henry Joseph Laud working in English Electric Company observed the phenomenon of electroluminescence for the first time. Yellow light can be observed under low voltage and light with more colors can be observed under high voltage. This electroluminescence phenomenon has established the physical basis for LED to be invented.In 1962, a 34 year old normal researcher in GE in America invented LED that can emit red light, and since then his name Nick Holonyak is as red and popular as red light LED. The invention of Holonyak is later widely applied and he was named as “the father of light-emitting diode”. Standing on the shoulders of Holonyak, his student George Crawford invented the first orange light LED in 1972, which is ten times brighter than that of red light LED.By the time of late 1970s, LED Lighting already had colors of red, orange, yellow, green and jade green, but there were still no blue lightLED Lights . Three original colors are contained in light, including red, green and blue. The absence of blue light source has made white light source hardly accessible. The large market value of blue  led high bay   made it a technical problem at that time and many scientists have devoted to cracking this problem. 


Sports Light & Flood light
    NEW Edge™ Glare-free Tennis Court Light
    NEW Edge™ 180LPW Sport & Flood Lighting
    NEW Edge™ 160LPW Sport & Flood Lighting
    LitePro™ 140LPW Sport & Flood Lighting
Roadway Lighting
    Phantom™ Cobra Head Street Light
    Icon™ Tool-free Street Light
    Oasis™ 160LPW Street Light
    NEW Edge™ 180LPW Modular Street Light
High Bays for 80°C/176°F Ambient Temp
    NEW Edge™ 175LPW 80°C High Bay
    Edge™ 130LPW 80°C High Bay
Engineering & Heary-duty Lighting
    LED Victor™ Light
    LED Victor™ With Emergency Power Pack
    Hercu™ LED Bulk Head
Area Lighting & High Mast Lighting
    Orion™ 150LPW Shoebox Light
    Spider™ Garden Light
    NEW Edge™ 180LPW Area Light
    NEW Edge™ 160LPW Area Light
    NEW Edge™ 180LPW High Mast Light
    NEW Edge™ 160LPW High Mast Light
High Bays for General Uses
    Grapheneism™ 140LPW UFO High Bay
    LitePro™ Linea High Bay for High Rack Warehouses
    Apollo™ 170LPW High Bay
    LitePro™ High Power High Bay
    NEW Edge™ 180LPW High Bay
Wall Pack
    LitePro™ Adjustable Modular Wall Pack
    Diamond™ Die Cast Wall Pack
Canopy Lighting
    Stella™ LED Canopy Light
Tri - Proof Linear Luminaire
    Luna™ regular Tri - Proof Linear
    Luna™ Deep Dimming Tri - Proof Luminaire with Switchable CCT
System Introduction
    System Introduction