The Harm of Indoor Lighting

Time:2017/1/19  keywords:The Harm of Indoor Lighting, LED Flood Light

With the rapid development of modern society, more and more people work very late at night. Meanwhile, in many contemporary building, even in broad daylight, it still needs to open indoor lighting to work. In this condition, we must pay much attention to the harm about lighting to our body.

LED Flood Light.jpgScientists have been known that bright light ray is able to change the internal clocking of brain, which could control people’s sleep. According to recent research, ordinary indoor light ray could affect our internal clock.

Using indoor lighting for a long period of time would change the fixed physiological model, which is not only to bring forward the maturation age, but also cause the imbalance of circadian rhythm. As a result, we may feel palpitation, chest distress or low spirit. Other researchers think that the strong light wave from indoor lighting may cause a large number of cells in our body become abnormal even death.

Working in light for a long time may make eyes tired and decrease the absorbing ability of calcium. The reason is that there are large difference between lighting and sunshine in essence and intensity. Therefore, researchers suggest that we’d better use sunshine all the day and usually open the window to let sunshine enter into the indoor.

Surely, when have to use lighting to work, we’d better pay attention to the following advice: Choose  LED Flood Lights   as lighting resource. For example, when reading a book in desk, light ray should shine the whole desk. Next, make sure that lighting is on average and stable so that the lighting source doesn’t flicker now and then. Finally, don’t allow the light to irradiate your eyes directly. Compared with traditional lighting resource, LED light is much more benefit to our eyes. 


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