The Categories of Lighting Source

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In lighting source, different fixtures have their merits and demerits and are suitable for different occasions. Now let’s learn something about their categories and features.

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1. Incandescent

The light source of incandescent is small while the lamp cover is diverse. Besides, its color light is closest sunlight. However, the critical defect is short life time, between 3000 and 4000 hours, and some poor quality incandescent is only capable to use 1500 hours. In the household, it is usually used in dining room or bed room because the color looks comfortable.

2. Metal halide

In fact, metal halide is one of incandescent, whose lifetime is always between 3000 and 4000 hours, or at most 6000 hours. The design is simple and price is cheap. What’s more, its luminance is adjustable and controllable with good CRI. Therefore, it could be used as accent lighting. However, the life time of metal halide is short and luminous efficiency is low. After being in high temperature for a long time, the filament is easy to fuse. It is often applied to the front and back light of automobile, family, office building, etc.

3. Fluorescent lamp

Fluorescent lamp is comparatively energy saving. In the consumption of its electricity, about 60% is converted into ultraviolet light, while the rest is converted into heat energy. The demerit is that fluorescent lamp has lumens depreciation and the CRI can’t compare with incandescent. The light flicks now and then to have some bad effect to eyes. What’s worse, it would pollute the environment during the process of production and after abandonment. It frequently appears in hospital, office, school, supermarket, warehouse and other public places.

4. LED Light

It is also named as light emitting diode, which belongs to new technique. LED light has many merits, including small volume, low power consumption, long life time, environmental protection without pollution, etc. Only one deficiency of LED light is that the cost is high and needs constant current. If the heat dissipation is not dealt with very well, it’s very easy to have lumens depreciation. At the beginning, LED light is only used in  LED Street Light   and other outdoor and industrial lighting, now it gradually develops into indoor lighting. 


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    NEW Edge™ 180LPW Sport & Flood Lighting
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Roadway Lighting
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    LED Victor™ Light
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    Orion™ 150LPW Shoebox Light
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Wall Pack
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Canopy Lighting
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Tri - Proof Linear Luminaire
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System Introduction
    System Introduction