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E-Lite, the ambassador of light

The light created by mankind can be traced back to ancient times. People drilled wood to make fire to keep warm. At that time, people incidentally created light when they burnt wood to obtain heat. It was an era of Heat & Light.

In the 19th century, Edison invented the electric light bulb, which completely liberated mankind from the limitations of night and made the human world brighter. When the light bulb emits light, it also releases a lot of heat energy. We can call it the era of Light & Heat.

In the 21st century, the emergence of LED has brought a revolution in energy-saving lighting. LED lamps are a real light source, with extremely high conversion efficiency of electricity to light. When it emits light, it will only emit a small amount of heat, which makes the lighting lamps have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long service life. It can be called the era of Light.

E-Lite is the ambassador of light. In Year 2006, an elite team of engineers and experts was formed, led by Dr. Bennie Yee, Dr. Jimmy Hu, Professor Ken Lee, Dr. Henry Zhang, with accumulated more than 80 years expereices in LED lighting R&D and manufacturing experience, the team designed the first LED high bay light in China as the replacement of the legacy HID high bay lights. Ever since then, LED light lights, LED streetlight, all types of LED light fixtures for industrial and outdoor applications have been developed by the team. The team has gone far beyond the territory of light, they’ve designed the most advanced wireless IoT based smart lighting control system and smart poles for smart city. E-Lite is the forerunner in the era of Efficient Light & Intelligence. 

Celebrating her 15-year birthday, E-Lite is proud for serving clients and customers in over 100 countries and areas with an state-of-the-arts manufacturing facility running at 1 million units production capacity. Container loads of high-quality, high-efficiency, high-tech LED street lights, floodlights, grow lights, high bay lights , sports light, wall pack lights, area lights and smart lighting system are shipped from the factory everyday. All LED lights from E-Lite are fully certified by the most well recognized test laboratories such as TUV, UL, Dekra etc. With LED lights of 10 year warranty, 7 days leading time, E-Lite is committed to service the world with the best-in-class lighting products and solutions.

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