DiamondTM Classic Wallpack Light
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With a classic, glass lens design, Diamond is an easy, one-for-one, replacements for legacy wall pack fixtures. It matches the appearance of most outdated HID or metal halide wall packs while covering the same footprint and hiding any unsightly marks and fading.

Diamond features field selectable wattages and a built-in dusk-to-dawn on/off photocell, which brings significant SKU reduction.






LED Chip & CRI

Lumileds 3030 / RA>70

Input Voltage

AC100-277V Or 277-480V


3000 & 4000 & 5000K

Beam Angle



IP66 / IK10

Driver Brand

Sosen Driver

Power Factor

0.95 minimum


20% Max


Die-cast Aluminum

Work Temp

-30°C ~ 50°C / -22°F~ 122°F

Mount Option

Wall mount


5 Years Warranty







Total Lumen


Net Weight







3.5kg / 7.7lbs


















Q1. What is Wallpack LED wall mounted lighting?

E-LITE: LED wall pack light is usually mounted on the outside walls of buildings. It’s bright and uniform light illumination to the area around increase security and provides a sense of safety for pedestrians. LED wall packs last much longer than their traditional fluorescent counterparts, lasting at least 100,000 hours, without any maintenance required. This means that facilities managers won’t have to use up precious space stocking replacements, nor will they have to spend time relamping. In warehouse operations, wall packs are great at increasing visibility at loading bays and docks, helping everything run more smoothly.

Q2. Why choose Wall Packs in LED package?

E-LITE: For starters, you’ll save your client up to 70-80% on energy savings. They also last up to 100,000 hours maintenance-free, which means you won’t have to spend extra time replacing them for a long time. LED lighting is also brighter and more even than traditional lighting, eliminating hot spots and glare, as well as evenly illuminating parking lots and perimeters.

Q3. Why use LED Wall Packs in a warehouse?

E-LITE: Since warehouses operate non-stop, it’s important to use reliable lighting that won’t fail over a long period of time. Having LED wall packs on hand eliminates the need to stock extra replacement lighting, as they last for years. Operations managers also won’t need to worry arranging time for relamping. Instead, workers remain productive. Outside, LED wall packs can shine brighter light on loading bays and docks, helping workers improve their vision at night. They can also help security personnel better monitor incoming traffic, illuminating forms of identification, like IDs or license plates.

Q4. Do LED Wall Packs come with photocells?

E-LITE: Yes, they can. These energy-efficient lights automatically turn on at night and turn off in the morning, when ambient light levels are ideal. These can be used anywhere, including parking garages, parking lots, and around perimeters.

Q5. What color temperatures are LED Wall Packs available in?

E-LITE: 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K.

3000K - warm, soft light that’s typically found in residential applications.

4000K - natural white light that’s similar to moonlight. It gives off blueish, cool hues.

5000K - most similar to daylight.

It’s energizing and is great for task lighting or any application where you’d need to see a high level of detail.

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  • E-Lite Diamond Series LED wall packs have the look of traditional fixtures with added efficiency of LED technology, making it ideal for replacing metal halide fixtures in any commercial outdoor application. Diamond wallpack whole series keeps the same housing size with the traditional fixture, that’s easy can replace the old light one by one, completely cover the old installation area with wall mount. For Diamond LED wall pack keeps the same configuration with traditional luminaires, Electrician totally skilled for such installation and wiring, labor cost and time consume will be dramatically less, also it can reduce the risk of the hurt during the installation. 

    Diamond LED wall pack light with die-casting and traditional aluminum housing size but different inside design provides advanced thermal management. Special surfaced treatment keep it durability, and the UV-resistant tempered glass lens will hold up against the elements. Tough and solid structure with excellent waterproof treatment have the wall pack reaching at IP66 for ingress protection, which ideal for outdoor wall mount application.

    Also Diamond Series wall pack offer the photocell optional within the side-hinged door frame to automating dusk to dawn operation, but can be easily bypassed. Rugged powder coated aluminum housing and durable UV-stabilized polycarbonate lens resist moisture and rust.

    Moreover, for outdoor lighting application, normally it has request on the 10KV or 20KV surge protection, Diamond LED wall pack also can build in the SPD keeping the fixture free under the weather of thunderstorm.

    Diamond LED wall pack light goes to the top brand Philips Lumileds LED chip package as its first choose of lighting source which can guarantee the whole fixture system efficacy up to 140lm/W for outdooring lighting. Compared with the traditional wall pack lamp, less power consumption more lighting out, that is top advantages. Cutting down the electric bill for facilities owner and improve the lighting level for residents or pedestrians are directly put on the table.

    ★ Conduit entry points allow direct wall or junction box mounting

    ★ Attractive ROI

    ★ Rugged construction and design

    ★ Long life, reduced maintenance

    ★ Lower energy costs

    ★ High quality light

    ★ 5-year limited warranty

    Replacement Reference Energy Saving Comparison
    40W WALL PACK LIGHT 100 Watt Metal Halide or HPS 60% saving
    60W WALL PACK  LIGHT 150 Watt Metal Halide or HPS 60% saving
    80W WALL PACK  LIGHT 250 Watt Metal Halide or HPS 68% saving
    100W WALL PACK LIGHT 400 Watt Metal Halide or HPS 75% saving
    120W WALL PACK  LIGHT 600 Watt Metal Halide or HPS 80% saving


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    SP-GL SP-GL Glass
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