No doubts we can all agree on the fact that choosing the right type of LED lighting for right application might be challenging for owner and contractor, especially when you faced so many LED lighting fixtures with different types in market.
The Challenging always be there!
“ What kind of LED high bay light should I used for my warehouse?”
“ What power of LED street light should replace MH400W for my client project?”
“ What kind of lenses are suitable for the sports lighting? “
“ Is there right LED high bay fixture suitable for clients steel mill?“


At E-Lite, we help partners and customers daily to achieve the perfect lighting designed with the right lights for their locations. We will here shortly present what you should consider when choosing the lighting for your or your clients large spaces.
1.What kind of the facility should be lighting? Is that new or retrofitting job? How much light do you need?
2.What type of LED light do you prefer to, round or square one?


3.What is the ambient temperature there? How often does the light need to be turned on and off during a normal day? The more hours of use a lighting fixture have, the higher the components’ energy efficiency and durability needs to be.


4.How do you achieve these demands in the most economic and energy efficient way? A higher lumen means a higher amount of light given out, less power used with less electric bill. More smart sensor or smart control used on LED lighting can make the energy saving enhance from 65% to 85% or more.


5.The optics/lenses then decide how the light is distributed. Comfortable lighting distribution related to what kind of the lenses/optics used on fixture even its material have great impact to its lighting performance. Of good uniformity and lower glare also depends on its installation location and height.


6.Are there additional smart system options for your chosen lighting fixture? For example, in a tennis court it might be economic to install iNET smart control system that automatically and intelligent control the lights.


There are many things should be consider when choosing the LED lights for you and your client facilities? E-Lite will guide you and help you plan and choose the right LED lighting fixtures, like below:
Warehouse lighting, Sports lighting, Roadway lighting, Airport lighting….
Contact us today and see what we can do for your lighting project.
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