Smart Roadway Lighting Made the Ambassador Bridge Smarter

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Project Place: The Ambassador Bridge from Detroit, USA to Windsor, Canada

Project Time: August 2016
Project Product: 560 units’ 150W EDGE series Street Light with smart control system

E-LITE iNET Smart system consist of the smart control unit, gateway, cloud service and Central Management System

E-LITE, the leading smart lighting solution expert in world!

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Lighting is an essential element of modern society. From outdoor streetlights to household lights, lighting affects people’s sense of safety and mood. Unfortunately, lighting is also a major energy user.

To reduce electricity demand and thereof the carbon footprint, LED lighting technology has been widely accepted and used to upgrade the legacy lighting. This global transition provides not merely an opportunity for energy-saving initiative but a feasible gateway to adopting an intelligent IoT platform, which is critical for smart-city solutions.

The existing LED lighting infrastructure could be used to create a powerful light sensory network. With embedded sensor + control nodes, the LED lights work to collect and transmit a wide variety of data from environment humidity and PM2.5 to traffic monitoring and seismic activity, from sound to video, so as to support many city services and initiatives across a single common platform without adding significantly more physical infrastructure

Smart control2

Smart lighting management system is a high-performance energy-saving lighting product specially developed for intelligent lighting which focus on the combination of smart control, energy saving and lighting safety. It is suitable for wireless smart control of the roadway lighting, tunnel lighting, stadium lighting and industrial factory lighting.; Compared with traditional lighting equipment, It easy can save 70% power consumption, and with intelligent control on lighting, secondary energy saving come true, the final energy saving is up to 80%.

E-Lite IoT intelligent lighting solution could

⊙ Drastically reduce energy consumption, costs, and maintenance using LED technology combined with dynamic, per-light controls.

⊙ Improve city safety and security, increase violation capture.

⊙ Enhance situational awareness, real-time collaboration, and decision making across city agencies, helping optimize urban planning, increase city revenues.

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