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As climate change continues to have a more severe impact on the world’s safety and the health of our economies, energy efficiency continues to grow as a priority for municipalities and governments. Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar power is a kind of inexhaustible and environmentally-friendly new energy resources. The solar street light is one of the applications of solar power. Solar powered LED Street light has the advantages of stability, long service life, simple installation, safety, great performance and energy conservation. This kind of light can be widely installed in urban roads, living districts, factories, tourist attractions,parking lots and the area in remote locations where the electricity is unavailable or erratic. There are two kinds of solar powered LED Street lights according to the different structural design: the All in one Solar Street Light and the Split Solar Street Light.

Split solar street light: the LED light source, solar panel, battery are installed separately, which is the first generation and also the most common types because of the widest application range.

As this solar street light has separate components, the configuration of each component is more flexible. It can be easily designed according to lighting requirements. It is very practical for those areas with long rainy weather. The larger the area of the same battery panel, the higher the photoelectric conversion efficiency, and the capacity of the battery is proportional to the volume. Therefore, this kind of solar street light are more suitable for some places with relatively high lighting requirements, such as E-Lite’s Star series split solar street light and also other models you prefer to because of its flexibility.


All in one LED solar street light is to integrate all the components, solar panel, rechargeable battery and LED light source together, so we also call it integrated solar street light. In life, many things we come into contact with have been developed towards the smaller and more refined, and the greater the function. Solar street lights are no exception. The design of all in one solar street light is more concise in appearance. Also this integrated solar street light is very simple to install and maintain, so it is more economic. Then our Helios and Solis series integrated solar street will be the best choice. 


If you want to choose a suitable solar street light, you must choose according to your actual situation, whether the lighting requirements are high, and the rainy weather is not long. All in one solar street lights and split solar street lights are both high performance street lighting products suitable for different places. And you can also just let us know your lighting requirements, and then E-Lite professional team will help you choose the right one.

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