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By Roger Wong on 2022-09-15

Before we talk about the tennis court lighting, the tennis game development information we should talk a little about. The History of tennis game was started from a 12th century French handball game called “Paume” (palm). In this game the ball was struck with the hand. After some time “Paume” game produced handball “Jeu de Paume” (game of the palm) and there were used racquets. The game was first created by European monks for entertainment roles during ceremonial occasions. At first, the ball was hit with hands. Later, the leather glove came into existence. This leather glove was replaced with an adaptive handle for effective hitting and serving of the ball. That was a birth of tennis racquet.

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Modern tennis was conceived in France and originated in England in the 20th century.  It began to develop rapidly around the world in the 21th century.  It is a beautiful and full of competitive sport, and its unique charm has been loved by the world.  Tennis and golf enjoy the title of “Noble Sports” together.  With the widespread development of tennis and the increasing frequency of competitions, it is of course impossible without uniform rules.  So in 1876, some famous tennis clubs in some regions sent representatives to meet together to study and discuss the formulation of a unified national tennis rule.  After many consultations, the representatives of all parties finally reached a consensus on the tennis venue, equipment, play style and competition, and formed a unified rule.  After about 1878, most of the British tennis clubs gradually carried out activities, training and competitions in accordance with the new style of play. A high-level tennis match is inseparable from a good lighting environment, high-quality LED lamps, reasonable arrangement, scientific light-emitting angles and appropriate brightness, etc., to ensure that athletes play a good competitive level on the court, and at the same time.  Ensure that referees clearly see the game on the court and make accurate judgments. For spectators. good lighting conditions can greatly improve the viewing of the game.

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(Tennis court lighting project in PA, USA 2020)

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