The reasons why solar led street lights replace traditional street lights.

As we all know, road lighting is an important part of city lighting.  In the past, we used traditional street lights, but now the traditional street lights are gradually phased out, and solar street lights have become popular products.  What are the advantages of solar LED street lights over traditional street lights?  Why are traditional street lights gradually replaced? Let me explain some of the reasons.

1More Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

In the past, ordinary street lights contained some harmful substances, as well as harmful rays in the spectrum.  LED street lights have no mercury, no uv, no radiation, and are more conducive to environmental protection and human eye health.  Compared with ordinary street lights, LED street lights are indeed energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting products, which are more in line with our needs.  

2Low Input Cost

The traditional street lights in the laying project is much more complicated than the LED street lights. It not only digs holes, but also leads the way, which is very expensive in manpower and material resources. Moreover, the electricity cost of the traditional street lights is very high, and the whole cost is relatively high.  

LED street lights do not need to dig holes or even cables, saving a lot of labor and material costs.  Compared with traditional street lamps, LED street lights are a more energy saving and environmentally friendly product.  LED streetlights cost much less than regular streetlights.  

In addition, the maintenance cost of LED street lights is also extremely low.


3Illuminating Brightness

Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights have stronger lighting functions.  A 60W LED street lamp lights, its brightness up to 250 W high pressure sodium light illuminance, not only can save a lot of electric energy, and even the brightness has been greatly improved.  The LED street light color is uniform, it does not add a lens, does not sacrifice uniform light color to improve brightness.

4Rliable Quality

I believe many people are concerned about the quality of LED street light, now let’s talk about its quality.  In fact, for LED street lights, you can rest assured, because its circuit power supply is the use of high-quality components, each LED has a separate overcurrent protection, do not need to worry about damage.  More importantly, it is waterproof, impact resistance performance is very good, the quality is absolutely safe and reliable.  

Generally speaking, LED street light is a very good product of environmental protection and energy saving. Because of its many advantages, it has gradually entered people’s vision and become the best energy saving light source in the world, replacing the traditional street light. It is also the best choice for road lighting!  

5、High Safety Factor

Previously, we also mentioned that ordinary street lamps, namely high-pressure sodium lights, contain harmful substances and harmful rays in the spectrum, which will cause pollution to the environment and cause minor damage to the human body. In addition, the installation of ordinary street light is complicated, and fire and electric shock may occur in the process of use.  LED street lights will be more assured, installation and use can also greatly reduce safety risks.  


6、Long Service Life

As we all know, the impact is very big that whether the life of this street light is long or not.If the life is not long, it means that we need to change often.  Frequent replacements not only cost a lot of money, but also cause a lot of inconvenience.  In particular, it will affect the traffic when replacing it, and it will be difficult to reinstall it.


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