led high bay light
led high bay light
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   E-Lite Semiconductor, Inc. is a veteran solid-state lighting company specializing in high quality, ultra-bright LED lighting product design and manufacturing for commercial and industrial applications. As a leading innovator in high performance LED lighting technology, the company has extensive technical expertise in optical design, thermal management, materials compatibility and automated manufacturing processes. All of E-Lite’s LED lighting products are CE and RoHS compliant, UL/ETL certified for US and Canadian market. From pre-sales joint development, to reliable after-sales service, E-Lite offers our customers not just product but full lighting solutions. Professional engineers, state-of-the-art production facilities, experienced workforce, and stringent QC inspection systems ensure E-Lite to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Saving energy to protect our earth is E-Lite’s endless pursuit in the development and delivery of reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions for the world.
   E-Lite Semiconductor, Inc. believes healthy, stable and long term company growth comes from well established and maintained distribution network. E-Lite is committed to true partnership, win-win cooperation with our channel partners.
   There are always some cases where you could not find a product to meet your specific application requirements; E-Lite Semiconductor, Inc. provides customized ODM and/or joint product development services, with our team of designers and engineers.
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Published on:May 1,2014
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led high bay light
E-Lite's 100-300W LED area light is UL/cUL and DLC certified
Published on:April 1,2014
LED Magazine news
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E-Lite introduces new modular LED gas station canopy light and retrofit kit
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