Best Lighting For Tennis Courts

You might be asking yourself why lighting would be such a concern for tennis courts. Isn’t natural light good enough?

In actuality, as tennis grows in popularity, more and more people are hitting tennis after a long day’s work, making the features of LED tennis court lights more essential. Not only is this a desirable aesthetic feature, but also a safety-related one. And on top of all that, lighting is essential when broadcasting games on video.
For these reasons and more, many sports facilities choose E-Lite LED luminaires for efficient tennis court lighting.

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E-Lite New EdgeTM Tennis Court Light

Optimized Visibility Means Optimized Game Play

Despite the bright green and orange colors of most regulation tennis balls, their relatively small size can make them difficult to spot on the court if the lighting is anything less than ideal. It’s not just dim lighting that can take away from optimized gameplay, but also lighting that contributes to glare or is dispersed unevenly in the sports facility.

E-Lite team developed one special lighting distribution beam pattern which can optimize the lighting distribution on court, controlling the glare, spill lighting and up lighting. More important, such unique optical lens match all level the tennis court categories to enhance the players in filed experience and make them enjoy the playing, moreover,  the audience can clear catch the movement of the players and ball.

Finally, E-Lite LED luminaires feature a high color rendering index which makes the ball easier to see. Optimized illumination on the tennis court allows players to perform to their best ability.

An Improved Spectator Experience

Not only do E-Lite LED luminaires make for a better experience on the court, but they also make for an enhanced experience for those watching.

Reduced glare and proper color rendering mean less eye fatigue and allow spectators to not miss a single second of a quality tennis match. And as a most practical consideration, optimized lighting helps keep the people on the stands safer as they move along the bleachers and steps.

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E-Lite New EdgeTM Tennis Court Light


Reduced Costs for Sports Facilities


Whether or not your players have spectators, proper illumination is still a must when it comes to the safety of everyone at your sports facility. But it can get expensive, can’t it?


Another reason why E-Lite LED luminaires are becoming the lighting choice for outdoor tennis courts is the cost savings. Switching from conventional lighting to LED leads to lower electric costs almost immediately. Over time, these lights end up paying for themselves. They last longer than more traditional lighting options and reduce costs in labor, maintenance, and replacement.


Optimal lighting combined with lower costs across the board make E-Lite LED luminaries the absolute best choice for outdoor tennis courts.


Lighting Made To Last


Traditional lighting setups tend to be a bit on the fragile side. That’s not a concern with E-Lite LED luminaires. These fixtures have gone through rigorous trials, and can withstand constant vibration and vigorous impact tests that meet or exceed all national and international standards. You can install E-Lite LED luminaires knowing they will deliver the best lighting for years on end—even in the most challenging sports facility environments.


As found in many older sports facilities, traditional fluorescent lighting contains mercury vapor and other components harmful to the environment and people. E-Lite LED luminaires do not include those same hazardous chemical substances, making it a greener, friendlier option. As LED luminaires are sturdier than thin fluorescent tubes, they are also less prone to breakage.


With E-Lite LED luminaires being built to last, they don’t need replacing as often as traditional lights. That means less waste. Combined with the more modest energy needs, you’re now putting out a much smaller carbon footprint.


All Things Considered


When you add everything up, why would you not choose E-Lite LED solutions to light your tennis courts? These lights boast significant savings in energy consumption compared to many other  lighting setups, more even and balanced lighting, less glare, and solid environmentally-friendly construction.


However you do the math, E-Lite LED luminaires are the best choice available. Request a catalog now and find the perfect LED lighting solutions for your tennis courts!


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