There are a lot of factors to consider when planning or upgrading the lighting in your warehouse. The most versatile and energy efficient choice for lighting your warehouse is with LED high bay light.


The right Light Distribution Type for warehouse

Type I and V are always the typically lighting distribution for warehouse. The choice depends on the layout of the facilities in your warehouse.

Space with tall shelving units will need a type I distribution which is a very long and narrow light pattern. It not ensures none of the light is lost or blocked by the top of the shelves, but also light all the areas well. E-Lite’s Litepro linear light will be the best choice for this condition.


If your warehouse has a more open floorplan, a type V light distribution is more appropriate. This light pattern emits light in a wide spread from all sides of the fixture in a circular or square distribution. And E-Lites UFO high bay light is the right choice.


How about the Color Temperatures?

Color temperatures between 4000K and 5000K are the best choice for warehouses. This range emits a cool white, sometimes seen as having a bluish tint, which has been proven in studies to help reduce eyestrain and create a productive work environment.

Make it more Energy Efficient!

It is known that the light for the large space areas like warehouse don’t need it be on all the time, then the motion sensors and occupancy sensors can be your best friend. Adding one motion sensor to the high bay light can reduce the cost of wasted energy by up to 30% without needing a major update. These sensors turn the lights on and/or off depending on whether or not someone is in the space. Use an occupancy sensors when you want the lights to turn on and off automatically.


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