Hybrid Solar Street Lights Setting On Parking Lots Is more Greener ?

E-LITE All In One Triton & Talos Hybrid Solar Street Lights are the reliable way to light any outdoor area. Whether you need light to enhance visibility or improve security, our solar powered lights are the most economical solution to light any roadway, parking lot, path, trail, billboard or complex. These environmentally friendly, energy efficient solar lighting solutions lower costs by reducing the fees associated with conventional light bulb replacement and continued unwanted maintenance fees. Greatly reduce or eliminate electric bills altogether. The Solar DC/AC Street Light operates off of solar energy first ans has AC power as a backup if there is an extended period of time of no sun or bad weather. Solar power lowers your operating costs and the DC/AC system provides safety and security every day,regardless of weather of grid issues.

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Why putting solar street lights on Parking Lots is a smart green move?

E-LITE AC/DC Hybrid solar street lights are a powerful new technology that is changing the world right before our eyes. Triton & Talos

Hybrid solar street lights are the perfect solution for lighting the streets at night. By combining the power of solar panels with grid AC utility power, these lights provide bright and reliable lighting that is both efficient and cost-effective.

The Hybrid Solar Street Lights are the first of their kind. The AC/DC Hybrid Solar Street Lights feature a grid-tied inverter and a battery storage system, providing an alternative to traditional street lighting like a high mast or pole-mounted lights.

These solar street lights have solar panels to tap solar energy during the day. This solar energy is stored in the battery for use later. The hybrid solar street lights are also connected to the external power grid. This serves as a backup power supply. When the battery power runs low, the hybrid street lights get power from the grid, providing you with a reliable and consistent supply of light.

What is the advantage of E-lite Hybrid Solar Street lights as Parking lot Lighting.

E-LITE Solar Street lights can be found in many applications, including lighting the streets and Parking Lots at night. By using solar panels, these solar street lights provide reliable lighting without relying on grid electricity, saving time and money. You can program these lights to shine as needed, making them even more cost-effective.

The AC /DC solar street lights save a lot on costs because they are designed with prewiring. There is no intensive wiring work required to set up these lights. They use LED lights that emit bright illumination while saving energy consumption. The LED technology used in these lights is so efficient that they can supply light constantly for over two or four days.

Besides lighting, these hybrid solar street lights can be used in many other ways. Storing energy in the batteries means the hybrid solar street lights may also be used as emergency power sources. In this way, the heavy-duty battery and sturdy construction allow for use as an emergency backup in case of a power outage during storms or other events that might cause utility outages.

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The application of E-lite Hybrid Solar Street Light

Large scale highway lighting: The hybrid solar street lights provide a stable lighting source for the highways, making it safer for motorists.

Parking lot lighting: It is a good idea to have hybrid street lights to light up the parking lots at night. This may help reduce vandalism.  

Residential lighting: Hybrid solar street lights are also used in residential areas for residential lighting. Hybrid solar street lights save on costs and are very convenient compared to traditional methods of residential lighting.

Emergency lights: The hybrid solar street light can also be useful as an emergency light source. They can be used as a backup power source to illuminate when grid power is lost in a utility outage.


Some benefits of E-Lite hybrid solar street lamps are that they are efficient, cost-effective, environment friendly, and provide a 24/7 power supply. They do not require much maintenance, and they have a long life expectancy as well. These street lamps are ideal for use in city commercial lighting or car parking lot lighting. They help save on costs by eliminating the need to rely on the utility company for power. These street lights can be used as backup power sources when a blackout or a power outage occurs.

This technology allows these lights to provide light even during cloudy conditions when it is difficult to rely on solar energy alone. Hybrid solar street lamps are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and durable.

Since these hybrid solar street lights are prewired, they do not require extensive wiring work to set up at the location involved. This saves time and money that may otherwise have been spent on setting up these solar street lights.

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