Why AC&DC Hybrid Solar Street Light Needed?

Innovation and technological development are at the heart of our society, and increasingly connected cities are constantly seeking intelligent innovations to bring safety, comfort and service to their citizens. This development is taking place at a time when environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important. Street lighting has evolved significantly over the years, constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of urban communities. By responding to new environmental challenges, solar lighting is a solution for the future that raises questions about its future development. Technological advances, environmental awareness and advances in sustainability continue to advance rapidly and are shaping the future of street lighting. When we think of solar street lights, what comes to mind is that they are installed in remote or rural areas without a power grid. At the same time, the solar street lights have been installed on many urban or community roads where have laid power lines, but the roads are different from the rural roads. If we still use the same design, on the one hand, it couldn’t meet the requirements of urban road lighting; on the other hand, it will cause waste of resources. 

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AC/DC Hybrid solar street lights are a powerful new technology that is changing the world right before our eyes. The hybrid solar street Lights feature a grid-tied inverter and a battery storage system, providing an alternative to traditional street lights. These solar street lights have solar panels to tap solar energy during the day. This solar energy is stored in the battery for use later. The hybrid solar street lights are also connected to the external power grid. This serves as a backup power supply. When the battery power runs low, the hybrid street lights get power from the grid, providing you with a reliable and consistent supply of light. AC/DC Hybrid solar street lights are the perfect solution for lighting the streets at night. By combining the power of solar panel and grid AC utility power, these lights provides bright and reliable lighting that is both efficient and cost-effective. This is why the AC&DC Hybrid solar street light needed.

1.AC&DC Hybrid solar street light can greatly reduce the cost of urban street lighting electricity.

Street lights are an important configuration in the city, are night lighting facilities. In today’s cities, people’s nightlife is becoming increasingly rich, and street lighting plays an increasingly important role in the city. Almost all roads in the city are equipped with street lights. Lighting facilities, the wide range of use of these street lights has resulted in very large power consumption and losses during the operation of urban street lighting systems. The city’s annual financial expenditures in this area are very large. Excessive financial expenditures on street lighting have caused some cities to face huge financial pressure. The hybrid solar street lights make the AC & DC working together. It will automatically switch to AC ‘on gird’ input when the battery power is insufficient. It reduces energy consumption, and conforms to the concept of green environmental protection.

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2.AC&DC hybrid solar street light ensures zero blackout nights throughout the year.

Because of the rain caused by regional differences, design problems of battery capacity, and panel power, the normal solar street light can’t keep on lighting for many rainy days. But the AC/DC hybrid solar street light can be automatically transferred to the power grid on rainy days to ensure that the lights are on every day for 365 days. Vice versa, when the city occasionally experiences power outages, solar street lights will still light up to ensure the safety of the city and the citizens.

3..Improve the service life of the battery.

Solar batteries have become one of the wisest investments anyone can make for solar power storage. Without solar batteries, one cannot store the energy generated by their solar system for later use, so do the solar street lights. The regular lifetime of battery used for solar street light is 3000-4000 cycles, this hybrid solar street light can reduce the cycle times of the solar battery, which will inevitable improve the service life of the battery.

Hybrid solar street lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable solution that can bring many benefits to urban areas. By reducing energy costs, improving safety, and reducing carbon footprints, hybrid solar street lighting can help cities become more resilient and sustainable. As renewable energy continues to grow in popularity, hybrid solar street lighting is poised to become an increasingly important part of the lighting landscape in cities across the globe.

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