PhotonGroTM 4 - LED Grow Light
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PhotonGro 4 series is a choice of 100W/200W/400W/600W, smaller size and higher efficiency quantum board grow light designed for domestic plant growing. Lamp is coated with high quality waterproof adhesive and IP66 rated driver to prevent water and dust from entering.

LED quantum grow light is capable of achieving an output of up to 2845 umol/J/m2 for a wide range of ambient temperatures from -45°C to +45°C, which suitable in both indoor and outdoor scenario applications.







Full Spectrum Indoor

AC Input Power

100W/200W/400W/600W @ 277V AC

AC Input Voltage

120-277V AC, 50/60Hz

Power Per Module


Light Distribution


Work Temperature

-40 to 45°C/-40 to 113°F




< 10%


L90: > 36,000hrs



Mount Option

Chain Mount


3 Year Standard Warranty


ETL is listed, DLC is pending





PPFD @ 6"

 PPFD @ 12"




250 umol/s

2.5 umol/J

@ 277 AC 

2845 umol/J/m2

2311 umol/J/m2





500 umol/s

2.5 umol/J

@ 277 AC

2802 umol/J/m2

2276 umol/J/m2





1000 umol/s

2.5 umol/J

@ 277 AC

2802 umol/J/m2

2276 umol/J/m2





1500 umol/s

2.5 umol/J

@ 277 AC

2778 umol/J/m2

2257 umol/J/m2




Q1. Are you a manufacturer?

E-LITE: Yes, our factory with over 15 years R&D and manufacture experience base on ISO quality management.

Q2. Can I have a sample order for LED Grow Light?

E-LITE: Yes, sample order to test and check quality is welcomed. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q3. What is the packaging material for the individual products, is it a normal cardboard box?

E-LITE: We use 5-layer B, C tile paper carton + EPE packaging. It is suitable for long-distance transportation and unloading, and can meet the requirement of 1m high drop without damage.

Q4. What are the usage scenarios of different types of grow lights?

E-LITE: EL-PG1 (Spider Series) and EL-PG2 (Foldable Series) are mainly used for indoor multi-layer structure planting racks. The main use scene of EL-PG3 (Greenhouse Lighting) is when the sunlight penetrates the greenhouse, the blue light component will be attenuated, and the blue light component needs to be supplemented. EL-PG4 (Quantum board Series) is commonly used in household lower-power planting environments.

Q5. Does the spectrum need to be adjusted when using the product from seed to flowering?

E-LITE: The product does not need to be spectrally adjusted, the full spectrum is to avoid the increased operating costs associated with adjusting the lamps over time. Our products do not support spectrum adjustment, but the brightness of the luminaire can be adjusted.

Q6. What are the recommendations for the use of lamps when illuminating plants?

E-LITE: The recommended hanging height of the luminaire is 15-30cm, which is the optimal range for obtaining PPFD. It is recommended to use the luminaire for 14-24 hours during the growing period and 12-16 hours when the plants are in flower.

Q7. How do you ship the finished production?

E-LITE: By SEA, AIR or Express (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.) are optional.

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  • Elite started to enter LED grow lighting industry three years ago, choosing the top manufacturers in China for LED chip product line. Nowadays, quantum board as one of the major LED grow light series has been widely used in new agricultural planting bases, laboratories, vegetable and fruit sheds, and other indoor places. If compared with the energy consumption of traditional HID lamps, LED can save about 50-60% of electricity.

    PPE value of Elite’s LED board grow light reached 2.7 umol/J, can efficiently promote plant growth. At the same time, the LED chip package are mainly composed of 3000K warm white, 5000K white and 660nm red light, so its full-spectrum light recipe enhances the components of 660nm red light and 450nm blue light which plants are needed.

    The grow light generates a little heat during operation. The operating temperature is -40~45℃, but the lamp uses a solid aluminum radiator, that makes it stable in heat dissipation performance, and can prevent corrosion for a long time without noise.

    The 0-10V Dimming controller allows users to adjust the brightness of the entire luminaire so that the luminaire is suitable for the needs of the different stages of plant growth. In addition we have a supporting manufacturer specifically for plant lighting light controllers, whose functions can be selected for the adjustment of light time and intensity, temperature and other parameters. We can provide information on the controller if requested.

    Quantum panel luminaire has an IP66 protection rating and its panels are coated with a high light transmission waterproof adhesive, therefore, dust-proof to the level of dust containment, so that no dust can enter the cabinet at a low pressure of 20 mbar, and waterproof to the level of protection against strong water jets, so that strong water jets directed at the cabinet from every direction should not cause damage.

    Elite uses 5-layer B, C tile paper carton + EPE for packaging. It is suitable for long-distance transportation and unloading, which can meet the requirements of 1m high drop without damage.

    The test data shows that if the distance between the plant and the lamp is 6 inches, the utilization rate of the lamp is the highest, and when the hanging height reaches 24 inches, the PPFD maintenance rate is reduced to about half, which means that about 50% of the light energy is lost in the space, Hence, the distance between the plant and the light-emitting surface of the lamp is from 6 to 12 inches, which is the best PPFD acquisition range.

    ★ 1. Full-spectrum design, suitable for all plant growth supplemental

    ★ 2. High light efficiency, save about 50-60% of electricity

    ★ 3. Solid aluminum radiator makes it stable in heat dissipation performance

    ★ 4. Three-year warranty

    ★ 5. Home planting 


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