How to Choose LED Wall Pack Lights


Wall pack lighting fixtures are a popular choice for commercial and industrial customers across the globe for many years, due to their low profile and high light output. These fixtures have traditionally used HID or high-pressure sodium lamps, however in recent years LED technology has progressed to the point where it is now dominant in this category of lighting, with far greater efficiency, service life and overall quality of light produced. This huge progression in technology has allowed users to save a considerable amount in operating and maintenance costs, as well as improves their workplace safety and reduces liability risks.


How to Choose the Right LED Wall Pack Lights?
Wattage Selection for LED Wall Pack--There are a variety of different wattages available for wall pack lights in order to suit a wide range of applications and illumination requirements.
Low Wattage (12-28W) – Designed for applications that do not require significant light output but instead focus on cost savings and efficiency, these lights are popular for illuminating small areas such as walkways and interior corridors.
Medium Wattage (30-50W) – The most popular range of lights offered due to their ability to be used for the majority of wall pack lighting needs and occupy a middle ground position by balancing lumen output and efficiency.
High Powered Wall Packs (80-120W) – As the most powerful wall pack option, the most common usage for these powerful wall packs is in applications requiring light fixtures to be mounted several stories up. The extra light output of these high powered lights allows for proper illumination on the ground from these extended heights.
Selectable Wattage (40-90W) – These are a unique type of LED wall pack, in that the wattage consumed can be adjusted up and down depending on the application requirements. These are often selected when buyers are unsure as to what power output is required for an application. They are also selected when buyers are looking to simply ordering and purchase just one model of wall pack for the entire project – using the adjustability to tailor the light for different areas.


E-Lite Litepro series wattage switchable LED wall pack lights. The switchable wattage can be customized according to your application requirements.

Color Temperature (Kelvin)--In addition to wattage, color temperature is one of the key points to consider when selecting a wall pack light. The range selected will depend on what the end user is looking to accomplish, whether that be to simply increase visibility, change the mood of the lighting atmosphere or both. Wall pack lights typically fall in the 5,000K range. This cool white color most closely replicates natural sunlight and is the most versatile overall. It is ideal for general illumination purposes outside of warehouses, large buildings, vertical walls and any other commercial, industrial or municipal spaces that require high visibility lighting. 


E-Lite Marvo series slim and compact LED wall pack lights

Photocell -- A photocell is dusk to dawn sensor that keeps the light on at night and off during the day. When choosing a led wall pack you need to consider whether the wallpack offers a photocell or not. Nowadays, wall packs often offer a photocell.  LED wallpack with a sensor is a good way to enhance the security of your residential or commercial space. It is an effective way to add safe lighting to your location.

LED Wall Pack Lights/Lighting for Security

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