Lighting Solutions for Public Parks & Facilities

Public parks and other outdoor facilities that are open after dark require adequate lighting to keep participants safe. Yet keeping the lights on can take quite a lot of time and effort, especially with traditional lighting that’s prone to burning out or damage due to the elements. Finding a more economical and environmentally-friendly lighting source is necessary for parks and recreational facilities to make the most out of their spaces. LED lighting, and the LED Luminaires from E-Lite, provide an excellent choice for improved safety and performance in outdoor areas.

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Improved Illumination to Increase Safety

One of the benefits of E-Lite LED Luminaires is the instant-on brightness. These lights are instantly at their full brightness the moment you switch them on, and you don’t have to wait for them to warm up. This means you get the full effect of the light the moment you turn it on.

Also, E-Lite LED Luminaires provide lighting that is close to natural sunlight,colors rendered true to life. The wide beam angle eliminates shadows and illuminates surfaces well. This allows the space to be used safely after dark and limits the risk of unwanted activity.

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E-Lite MazzoTM Series Urban Lighting

Improved Energy Saving

Parks and recreation facilities rarely have huge budgets. Keeping the lights on can be expensive because it takes a lot of power to run lights all night long. E-Lite LED Luminaires are some of the most efficient lights in the industry. They can reduce energy use a lot, depending on the type of lighting currently being used in the facility. Reduced energy bills help spread operating budgets further without sacrificing the quality of the lighting.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Keeping the lights on at your outdoor facility requires regularly replacing burned out bulbs. E-Lite LED Luminaires are designed to last for years, so you don’t have to spend as much time and money on bulb replacement.

LED lighting, in general, lasts longer than other types of lighting, but E-Lite takes this a step further. E-Lite LED Luminaires feature proprietary technology that reduces damage from heat exposure that’s common with other LED lights. In addition, the luminaires are designed to be secure against impact, dust, water, and other risks, so they are not likely to be damaged from exposure to outdoor elements.

With all of this technology, E-Lite LED Luminaires have one of the most extended lifespans in the industry. They burn bright year after year so that you can enjoy proper illumination and less need for bulb replacement. This, combined with the energy savings they offer, means they pay for themselves quickly through reduced maintenance and energy costs.

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E-Lite FestaTM Series Urban Lighting

Upgrade to E-Lite LED Luminaires for Public Parks and Other Outdoor Facilities

When you maintain a public park or outdoor facility, you have an obligation to keep things safe. Proper lighting is key to that. E-Lite LED Luminaires make it easier to keep the space well lit, secure, and attractive, all with less energy cost and maintenance effort. Make the switch to these industry-leading LED luminaires today.

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